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Tuesday, 30 May 2000, 9:48 am | Phil Doherty -

News update from the website... More >>

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Monday, 15 May 2000, 9:31 pm | Phil Doherty -

The Waitara Affair: Frontline warrior against racism. The race relations concilliator on Waitara. See... Go More >> - starts tracking Sierra Leone

Friday, 12 May 2000, 9:25 am | Phil Doherty -

With work experience in Sierra Leone in 1995, the editor of helped coordinate an emergency feeding programme for under 12 year olds and their mothers in the inland city of Kenema, hope to provide some insight into a seemingly ... More >>

Context.Co.Nz - Updated News In Context

Sunday, 23 April 2000, 4:29 pm | Phil Doherty -

General News The Bubble Has Just Begun to Burst . The worst day & the worst week on NASDAQ in history. Go Are the Tech Stocks bouncing back? Go It’s not cricket!! Go Who cares? Go We could have the leisure society if we wanted it. World Affairs ... More >>

After East Timor where will we make peace next?

Friday, 3 March 2000, 4:17 pm | Phil Doherty -

We have done very well in East Timor and Bougainville and have won a few brownie points with our neighbours in getting involved, but let’s not rush into assuming that we should duplicate this effort elsewhere. In Bougainville we were peace brokers ... More >>

Scoop Opinion: What’s in an F16 deal?

Friday, 25 February 2000, 4:28 pm | Phil Doherty -

In regard to the debate on defence procurement, we are at a crucial point-of-choice as a nation. A point in history where we reflect on the past and step into our future. More >>

Will Genetic Engineering feed the starving

Thursday, 11 November 1999, 9:19 am | Phil Doherty -

A certain Dennis Avery is in NZ saying amazing things about organic farming and world hunger which upsets me no end. Having spent since late 1992 working in countries where famine and disease are regular calendar features, what Mr. Avery stands for ... More >>