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Pizza Haven Beats Naked Chef!

Monday, 12 November 2001, 11:29 am | Pizza Haven

It’s official! Pizza Haven is faster than the Naked Chef when it comes to rustling up a pizza. More >>

Pizza Haven - Bacon On Vege Pizza Allegations

Wednesday, 18 July 2001, 4:45 pm | Pizza Haven

Allegations were made by Mr Mohammed Sameem, of Hastings, on Friday, July 13, that traces of bacon had been found in a vegetarian pizza ordered and delivered from the Pizza Haven store in Hastings that evening. More >>

Scoop Images: 'Cheeky' Pizza Ad Final Frame

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 11:55 am | Pizza Haven

'Cheeky' New Pizza Haven Ads Air- No Butts About It (2) More >>

Scoop Images: 'Cheeky' New Pizza Haven Ads Air

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 11:53 am | Pizza Haven

Irreverent pizza chain, Pizza Haven, continues its cheeky advertising style with the launch of a new campaign for a healthier pizza. More >>

Healthier, Tastier Pizza With 90% Less Oil

Wednesday, 7 February 2001, 9:28 am | Pizza Haven

Pizza Haven launches a tasty new pizza today that uses 90% less oil in the dough recipe, offering a healthier fast-food option for consumers without compromising on taste. More >>