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Rebels Promote Parenting Petition

Monday, 24 April 2000, 3:55 pm | Prebble's Rebels

Youth group Prebble's Rebels are giving their support to a petition calling for a conscience vote on Dr Muriel Newman's Shared Parenting Bill. More >>

Campus Communists Represent Students?

Sunday, 23 April 2000, 10:55 am | Prebble's Rebels

The occupation of part of Waikato University has come under fire from a student group who say it is "an illegitimate protest of opportunity". More >>

Inquiry Into Incompetence Welcomed

Thursday, 20 April 2000, 10:26 am | Prebble's Rebels

Prebble's Rebels has welcomed the announcement of an inquiry into the processing of student loans, saying "government incompetance coupled with political expediency has created an inefficient administration system which needs not just an overhaul ... More >>

Rebel Youth Support Shared Parenting

Wednesday, 5 April 2000, 9:56 am | Prebble's Rebels

Muriel Newman's Shared Parenting Bill deserves cross-party support, according to a youth group who say that the Bill offers hope to a lost generation of sole-parented children. More >>

Govt Attacks Bill Of Rights

Tuesday, 4 April 2000, 2:15 pm | Prebble's Rebels

A Government move which cements compulsory membership of students associations is an attack on the Bill of Rights Act and inconsistent with both moral and international obligations, according to concerned students. More >>

Government Education Campaign Misses Mark

Tuesday, 28 March 2000, 9:36 am | Prebble's Rebels

Government plans to abolish bulk funding and re-introduce school zoning have come under fire from one of New Zealand's largest youth groups, who describe it as "another backward-looking, ideological campaign to return education power to the state." More >>

Encouraging Tall Poppies Low Priority

Tuesday, 21 March 2000, 3:25 pm | Prebble's Rebels

The Government has placed a low priority on addressing the special needs of gifted children, and puts at risk New Zealand's proud record of academic excellence, according to a student advocate for the gifted and talented. More >>

A Union of Two Workers

Monday, 20 March 2000, 10:38 am | Prebble's Rebels

It is indeed a scary moment when Trade Unionists have something to smile about. But they could all easily play the Cheshire Cat if Alice in Wonderland were to hold auditions right now. The Employment Relations Bill has been let loose onto society, and it's ... More >>

Union Bill Condemns Youth

Tuesday, 14 March 2000, 5:29 pm | Prebble's Rebels

Labour's Employment Relations Bill will have a "huge and devastating" effect on youth unemployment, according to student leader, Clint Heine. More >>

Rebels Request Radical's Resignation

Monday, 6 March 2000, 11:01 am | Prebble's Rebels

There are calls for a prominent Wellington student radical to resign, following public criticism of an editorial published in the Victoria University student newspaper, Salient. More >>

Students Lose Right To Choose

Sunday, 5 March 2000, 11:01 am | Prebble's Rebels

The Government is set to reverse moves towards voluntary union membership for students, after Trevor Mallard's confirmation that Cabinet has agreed to repeal the 1998 Education (Tertiary Students' Assocation Voluntary Membership) Amendment Act. More >>

50,000 Indictments On Labour Policy - Rebels

Thursday, 24 February 2000, 3:28 pm | Prebble's Rebels

A student leader has supported ACT MP Muriel Newman's attack on the interest free student loans policy, saying that the number of new student loan applications are "50,000 indictments on Labour policy". More >>

Privatisation Solution To Loan Problems

Wednesday, 9 February 2000, 10:00 pm | Prebble's Rebels

A computer glitch at WINZ which affects thousands of student loan applicants is another symptom of an inefficient government bureaucracy which needs to be privatised, according to a national student leader. More >>

Poll Shows Kiwis Won't Come Home - Preb's Rebs

Wednesday, 26 January 2000, 10:07 am | Prebble's Rebels

An internet poll has shown that New Zealanders who have left New Zealand will not return following the election of a Labour/Alliance government. More >>

Socialism Lives In Young Labour

Tuesday, 25 January 2000, 10:50 am | Prebble's Rebels

The Vice-President of Young Labour has reported that socialism is alive and well inside Young Labour. More >>

Labour Backdown On Rent Cut Imminent

Wednesday, 19 January 2000, 3:35 pm | Prebble's Rebels

Labour is preparing a full-scale back down on it's pledge card promise to restore income related rents for state housing tenants, according to the President of a national student group. More >>

Rebels Launch New Web Home

Monday, 17 January 2000, 1:43 pm | Prebble's Rebels

Prebble's Rebels has launched a new look for it's Internet home at More >>

Rebel Caucus Outraged At Benefit Bonus Backdown

Thursday, 9 December 1999, 11:52 am | Prebble's Rebels

The Rebel Caucus today voiced its disgust that the incoming government had reneged on their promise of a $20 per week benefit increase, saying that it was tantamount to a cut in beneficiaries' incomes and could split the coalition. More >>

A Coalition Of Broken Promises

Monday, 6 December 1999, 5:04 pm | Prebble's Rebels

The Labour/Alliance government's first broken promises are only the start for what will become known as the least honest government in New Zealand's history, according to Clint Heine, President of Prebble's Rebels. More >>

More Young Voters Call For Cannabis Law Reform

Friday, 3 December 1999, 12:25 am | Prebble's Rebels

Visitors to the Prebble's Rebels web site have used an online poll to call for the legalisation of cannabis. More >>



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