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Int'l Migrants Day: Migrant Rights Are Human Right

Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 6:28 pm | Save Australia

The UN General Assembly approved the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families on December 18, 1990, and the day was officially designated International Migrants Day by the UN in 2000. More >>

Hunger Strike Refugee Supporters To Picket DIAC

Monday, 30 April 2007, 10:47 am | Save Australia

The Refugee Action Coalition will hold a picket has called a picket of DIAC’s Sydney offices, 26 Lee Street (near Railway Square) on Monday, 30 April, 12.30-1.30pm to mark the 35th day of the Villawood hunger strike by Chinese asylum seekers. More >>

Denial Of The ‘Rarotonga Treaty’ Of 1986

Tuesday, 17 April 2007, 9:30 am | Save Australia

Citizens across Australia and New Zealandare up in arms about denial of the ‘Rarotonga Treaty’ of 1986. More >>

Truth Overboard on Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 2:46 pm | Save Australia

Refugee groups are calling on the Immigration minister to give an unequivocal assurance that the Sri Lankan asylum seekers on Christmas Island will not be returned to Indonesia. More >>

Police Corruption, Redfern: Rest In Peace TJ

Thursday, 16 February 2006, 4:50 pm | Save Australia

On the 2nd anniversary of the death of TJ Hickey, justice has still been denied. The Redfern community is standing strong though, determined not to be silenced, not to be screwed over by the system yet again. More >>

Aborigines plan protest march during Games

Thursday, 16 February 2006, 2:56 pm | Save Australia

AN INDIGENOUS rights march has been planned for central Melbourne on the same day as the opening ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games. More >>

Irresponsible Comments Draw the 'Religion Card'

Thursday, 16 February 2006, 2:54 pm | Save Australia

Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma today condemned the irresponsible comments made by Liberal MP Danna Vale yesterday, where she linked the debate on the abortion drug RU486 with religion and race. More >>

The PM and the Pregnant West Papuan Refugee

Thursday, 2 February 2006, 4:06 pm | Save Australia

Reports from Christmas Island of a pregnant West Papuan refugee woman aged in her mid 50's, raises questions over the PM's announcement last week that it was "appropriate" to send the boatload of 43 West Papuan Refugees to the remote Australian Territory. More >>

Aboriginal Sign Stolen On Australia Day Eve

Friday, 27 January 2006, 9:31 am | Save Australia

This sign (‘AUSTRALIA DAY Yes, let’s celebrate: MURDER, INVASION, RAPE, THEFT’) was removed yesterday within hours of its installation on the Launceston Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre premises, by people who believe there is only one Australia Day ... More >>

Rally for West Papuan Asylum Seekers

Thursday, 26 January 2006, 10:26 am | Save Australia

Papuan Asylum Seekers must be returned to the Mainland Brisbane supporters of the West Papua will rally on Wednesday 25th January at midday outside of DIMIA offices to protest the removal of the West Papuan asylum seekers from Queensland to Christmas ... More >>

Protests support West Papuan Asylum Seekers

Thursday, 26 January 2006, 10:23 am | Save Australia

Rallies in Sydney (audio), Melbourne, Darwin and Canberra have been held to support the West Papuan Asylum Seekers and protest their movement to Christmas Island for processing, and the Howard Governments impending signing of a security treaty with ... More >>

Aborigines Against Compulsory Singing of Anthem

Thursday, 26 January 2006, 10:15 am | Save Australia

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre is opposed to the NSW push for schools to force all children to sing the national anthem being extended to Tasmania, Legal Director Michael Mansell, said today. More >>

Australia Day Aboriginal Tent Embassy March

Thursday, 26 January 2006, 10:10 am | Save Australia

Australia Day Aboriginal Tent Embassy March In Canberra by Glenn Lockitch for A.T.E. More >>

Australia West Papua Association calls on Government

Tuesday, 24 January 2006, 1:56 pm | Save Australia

Australia West Papua Association (SA) An Open Letter to the Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard and the Ministers for Immigration, Foreign Affairs and Defence. More >>

West Papuans Flee to Australia

Monday, 23 January 2006, 4:59 pm | Save Australia

Indonesian military shoots Papuan schoolchildren in what has been described as a reprisal attack for a boatload of 43 West Papuans claiming asylum in Australia for Indonesia's brutal occupation. Their arrival in Cape York posed a huge diplomatic ... More >>

ACTU Supports Rights Of West Papuan Asylum Seekers

Monday, 23 January 2006, 4:26 pm | Save Australia

The ACTU supports calls today for the Australian Government to respect the rights of the 43 newly arrived West Papuan asylum seekers to a fair process in assessing their claims to asylum. More >>

Depressed Gallop quits as West Australian premier

Friday, 20 January 2006, 2:37 pm | Save Australia

Geoff Gallop has resigned as Western Australia's premier, and from parliament, after revealing he is suffering from depression. More >>

Statement of the Villawood hunger strikers

Thursday, 3 November 2005, 11:02 am | Save Australia

We are six hunger strikers from Villawood Immigration Detention Centre (VIDC) in Sydney, Australia. In order to protest against the compulsory detention policy and mental and physical impairment caused by the long-term detention in VIDC, during ... More >>

Report of Conf on Human Rights and Mental Health

Friday, 14 October 2005, 4:14 pm | Save Australia

The Third National Conference on Human Rights and Mental Health, Federal Parliament House, Canberra, 8 & 9 September 2005 More >>

Viet boatpeople on Christmas Island get TPVs

Monday, 1 August 2005, 11:24 am | Save Australia

The Vietnamese Community in Australia welcomes the Immigration Minister's decision today to grant Temporary Protection Visas to the above people who have been held in Christmas Island since they arrived in Australia in July 2003. More >>