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SHARP COMPUTING: The Reinstalling Windows Song

Thursday, 15 March 2001, 12:12 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

I bought a new computer - It cost two thousand dollars - But every time I switch it on - It keeps on falling down. More >>


Wednesday, 14 March 2001, 11:35 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed that the new program began making unexpected changes to the accounting modules, limiting access to flower and jewellery applications that had previously operated flawlessly under Boyfriend ... More >>

SHARP RELIGION: Advice Concerning Abominations

Tuesday, 13 March 2001, 11:38 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Laura Schlessinger is a US radio personality who dispenses advice to people who call in to her radio show. The following is an very sharp open letter to Dr. Laura penned by a US resident and also posted on the Internet:- More >>

SHARP RELIGION: Daily Moments of Zen

Monday, 12 March 2001, 10:10 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

A few sharp and very Zen observations on aspects of life plus some feedback on the truth about that road sign. More >>


Friday, 9 March 2001, 10:15 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Spotted in north Canterbury during autumn lambing. This sign was allegedly developed by the New Zealand Ministry of Transport in response to a spate of road accidents in country lanes involving veterinarians assisting during the lambing process. More >>

HOW SHARP? Down The Hatch

Thursday, 8 March 2001, 2:00 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

How sharp is this Fringe Festival performer? Images from Chris McCarthy. More >>

SHARP ETIQUETTE: Expressions For High Stress Days

Wednesday, 7 March 2001, 2:50 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

Sixteen useful and sharp expressions for those HIGH STRESS days... More >>

SHARP LINK: Curious George Lights Up The Night

Tuesday, 6 March 2001, 3:59 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

A sharp reader writes to Scoop Sharp Stories: “SUBJECT: A minor almost-inaccuracy in one of your stories " More >>

SHARP CONSPIRACY: May The Force Be With You

Monday, 5 March 2001, 11:44 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

A sharp suggestion for filling in this week’s census form has been circulating like wild-fire on the Internet in New Zealand over the past week. Then this morning in the Sharp Stories inbox is some legal advice concerning the census email. Could merely ... More >>

SHARP PRANK: Fighter Aircraft Warranty Card

Friday, 2 March 2001, 11:25 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Thank you for purchasing a McDonnell Douglas military aircraft. In order to protect your new investment, please take a few moments to fill out the warranty registration card below. More >>

SHARP CLAWS: Rubbing Their Noses In It

Thursday, 1 March 2001, 10:50 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Who’s sharper: cats or dogs? This posse of pooches, their nature denied by their nurture, are in a bit of a quandary. The free spirited feline, as all good cats should, wastes no time rubbing their noses in it. Cats: 1 - Dogs: 0 More >>

SHARP ETIQUETTE: 27 Remarks For Your Workmates

Wednesday, 28 February 2001, 10:47 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Twenty-seven sharp things you wish you could say at work, but which, for the sake of discretion and harmonious relations with your colleagues , you probably won’t…. More >>

SHARP LITERATURE: Unpublished Children's Titles

Tuesday, 27 February 2001, 11:30 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

A list of Sharp children’s book titles that have, for some reason, never quite made it to the retail shelves... More >>

SHARP LANGUAGE: A Literary Definition Of F**K

Monday, 26 February 2001, 2:33 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

This week's Times Literary Supplement reviews a number of new dictionaries in some detail. Included in the discussion is a particularly sharp passage discussing the word 'fuck', as follows: More >>

SHARP VIRUS: Irish Computer Virus

Thursday, 22 February 2001, 10:32 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Delete all your files. Pass it on. More >>

NOT SHARP: Empty Box Bought For $988!

Wednesday, 21 February 2001, 12:46 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

A not particularly sharp online auction enthusiast who thought they had purchased a "PlayStation 2 Original Box And Receipt" on the eBay Auction site for Christmas, received something of a surprise when their package arrived in the mail. More >>

NOT SO SHARP: Just Forward It!

Tuesday, 20 February 2001, 2:28 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

Nike thought a personalised shoes promotion would be pretty sharp. But as the following correspondence in wide circulation on the Internet today shows, Nike’s sharp idea turned around and bit them on the ass.More >>

NOT SHARP: Watch Out For That Candle!

Monday, 19 February 2001, 4:18 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

An altar server is standing solemnly with his candle in the trancept of his Church. All is serene as the service continues... and then there is an incident. Fortunately all the drama is caught on film. More >>

SHARP ADVICE: How To Appear Hardworking

Friday, 16 February 2001, 12:46 am | Scoop Sharp Stories

Some sharp tips for 'working hard' from George Costanza.... More >>

SHARP ADVICE: On The Relative Importance Of Email

Thursday, 15 February 2001, 1:47 pm | Scoop Sharp Stories

A remarkably sharp unemployed man goes to try for a job with Microsoft as a cleaner. More >>