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New Zealand Brothers Smuggle Whisky Across UK Waters

Wednesday, 28 July 2021, 9:29 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Known as The Whisky Smugglers , brothers Alex and Nick Ravenhall, are embarking on a series of wild water swims in some of the UK’s most treacherous waters, all with bottles of whisky strapped to their bodies, to raise money for Sea Shepherd ... More >>

Sea Shepherd: Maui Dolphin Death – Fisheries Bycatch Cannot Be Discounted

Friday, 25 June 2021, 6:43 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

This week DOC reported a dead Maui dolphin was found at Muriwai in February. There was once again considerable concern the Government agency took months to report a death of this critically endangered dolphin. Of equal concern is the pathology report ... More >>

Sea Shepherd Asks US Court To Immediately Ban NZ Seafood Imports

Friday, 3 July 2020, 7:45 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Sea Shepherd filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction yesterday in the U.S. Court of International Trade relating to its lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, NOAA Fisheries, and the Treasury Department. The ... More >>

Sea Shepherd Files Lawsuit Against US Agencies To Save New Zealand’s Māui Dolphin From Extinction

Friday, 22 May 2020, 7:41 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Sea Shepherd Legal and its co-counsel, Earthrise Law Center, filed a lawsuit today on behalf of Sea Shepherd New Zealand and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society against the US Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, NOAA Fisheries, and ... More >>

Government delay Maui plan by months

Friday, 20 December 2019, 8:57 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

The New Zealand Government has announced the Maui and Hector’s (Pahu) Threat Management Plan will now be delayed by months. Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd NZ is alarmed to see a sharp rise in commercial fishing activity in their habitat. More >>

“Franken” science won’t save Maui dolphin

Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 8:31 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Correspondence between MPI (Fisheries NZ) and NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmosphere), obtained by Sea Shepherd under the Official Information Act, shows conclusively that MPI unreasonably influenced the research they had contracted from ... More >>

NZ Dolphin Cat Sh*t Theory

Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 10:10 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Despite reports from Seafood NZ and NIWA that there is now “a revised understanding” around NZ Dolphin deaths an International Expert Panel warned Fisheries NZ and DOC last year they were concerned results from the cat sh*t (toxoplasmosis) model could ... More >>

Dolphin deaths signal further trouble for exports

Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 10:11 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

DOC’s recent report that 4-5 Pahu (Hector’s) have been killed as bycatch in commercial trawl operations in the last six months further demonstrates how desperately we need to be following best practice recommendations for our NZ Dolphin both Maui ... More >>

Sea Shepherd pays out reward for Leopard seal killers

Thursday, 6 December 2018, 9:52 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Sea Shepherd New Zealand have confirmed $5000 was paid out for information that led to the capture of the Leopard seal killers in late July this year in Northland. More >>

Sea Shepherd offers reward for Leopard seal killer

Sunday, 29 July 2018, 11:41 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

A rare visitor to Northland’s west coast, a Leopard seal was shot in the face and killed sometime late on Friday or early Saturday morning. More >>

Leaked commercial fishing industry report

Thursday, 24 May 2018, 3:19 pm | Sea Shepherd NZ

Given the recent leaked report regarding IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) practices in the commercial fishing industry Sea Shepherd is also concerned dolphin by-catch from the large trawlers on the west coast is going unreported or possibly ... More >>

NZ Dolphin populations disappearing

Thursday, 8 February 2018, 8:22 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Field work and research carried out by Sea Shepherd New Zealand as part of Operation Pahu has found some Hector’s (Pahu) populations are disappearing or gone forever from the South East coast of Te Wai Pounamu. More >>

Sea Shepherd Offers $5000 Reward for NZ Sea Lion Killer

Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 8:50 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

On Sunday the 17th September the Department of Conservation found a dead endangered male New Zealand Sea Lion (Rāpoka/ Whakahao). It had been shot on Tautuku Beach in the Catlins(Otago/ Southland) and was otherwise in healthy condition. More >>

Sea Shepherd launches Operation Pahu

Thursday, 7 September 2017, 11:26 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Operation Pahu is Sea Shepherd’s first campaign in New Zealand and makes a stand for NZ’s endemic dolphin in the South Island. More >>

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Pahu

Thursday, 7 September 2017, 8:41 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Operation Pahu is Sea Shepherd’s first campaign in New Zealand and makes a stand for NZ’s endemic dolphin in the South. More >>

Unusual whale strandings prompt urgent call

Tuesday, 3 January 2017, 12:25 pm | Sea Shepherd NZ

Unusual whale strandings prompt urgent call for autopsies During the height of Kiwi Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations there have been several whale strandings and unusual sightings. Unusual because: these incidents involve multiple species ... More >>

On-Going Pursuit of Poaching Vessel, Thunder

Thursday, 26 March 2015, 3:03 pm | Sea Shepherd NZ

Yesterday, the Sea Shepherd ship Sam Simon rendezvoused with fellow Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, at 7 27' South 02 19 West, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second time the vessels have met during the course of Operation Icefish, Sea Shepherd's ... More >>

Volunteer Tramping 1200km to Raise Funds for Sea Shepherd

Monday, 2 March 2015, 9:34 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

New Zealand Volunteer Andrew Glennie is attempting a month long unsupported solo tramp down the South Island leg of the Te Araroa trail, covering roughly 1200km to raise funds for Sea Shepherd. Starting 1st March Andrew will be trying to make it ... More >>

New Zealand Joins "World Love for Dolphins Day" protests

Friday, 13 February 2015, 10:17 am | Sea Shepherd NZ

Sea Shepherd - New Zealand Joins "World Love for Dolphins Day!" at 33 Japanese Embassies And Consulates Around the World!!! Today Sea Shepherd will be leading demonstrations at Japanese Embassies and Consulates across the globe. Thirty ... More >>

Sea Shepherd Intercepts Two Poaching Vessels

Monday, 2 February 2015, 5:17 pm | Sea Shepherd NZ

Today at approximately 1130 AEDT, the Sea Shepherd ship, Sam Simon, intercepted the toothfish poaching vessels, the Yongding and the Kunlun; two of the three vessels that fled from the New Zealand Navy last month, after they were found fishing illegally ... More >>