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Simon Orme: Woe In Oz

Friday, 18 May 2001, 9:53 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

Sydney is in the middle of a very bad hang over. The economic slowdown continues. Job losses are hitting the professions, the tech sector and thus the affluent suburbs. There is a mood of listlessness, anxiety and dissatisfaction. Some Kiwis here have ... More >>

Australia – ‘Tis the Season for Kiwi Bashing

Monday, 11 December 2000, 3:58 pm | Simon Orme from Sydney

Kiwi bashing has broken out in Australia in the lead up to Christmas, culminating in the revelation of a new deal between Canberra and Wellington, under which Kiwis moving to Australia need to meet the standard Australian immigration criteria to ... More >>

Simon Orme: Mainstreaming - NZ Electricity Inquiry

Wednesday, 14 June 2000, 10:15 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

The NZ electricity inquiry report (1), released this week, is a move toward the international mainstream in electricity regulation, which is not a surprise given the Australian and British leanings of the inquiry panel. Simon Orme writes from Sydney. More >>

The falling Kiwi dollar and dancing Cossacks

Friday, 19 May 2000, 2:43 pm | Simon Orme from Sydney

This week’s falling Kiwi dollar indicates fundamental structural weaknesses in the New Zealand economy compared with Australia. Let me speculate. This structural weakness can be traced back to the 1976 Muldoon government decision to can the Kirk-Rowling ... More >>

OZ File: Human Rights – Oz v. the UN

Monday, 3 April 2000, 9:21 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

The Australian government last week raised the stakes in a festering dispute between it and the UN over Australia's failure to address UN concerns over mandatory sentencing and the position of Aborigines in Australia generally. More >>

Oz-File: Richard Wilkins - his further exploits

Friday, 31 March 2000, 7:45 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

TV presenter and serial babe dater, Richard Wilkins, is recovering well after his Melbourne Grand Prix car-race defeat by rival celebrity, Strictly Ballroom's Paul Mercurio. Simon Orme writes from Sydney. More >>

Scoop Column: Australia's Not Sorry

Wednesday, 15 March 2000, 10:05 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

The Roman Catholic church, New Zealand, the US, South Africa, Canada, and others, have all ‘fessed up to past wrongdoing. Australia’s PM Howard, however, has ruled out a previous Liberal party promise to deliver an apology to Aboriginal Australians ... More >>

Kiwis made Good in Oz File - Richard Wilkins

Wednesday, 15 March 2000, 10:04 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

Richard Wilkins is a role model for heterosexual, kiwi males in Australia who are no longer in their ‘20s. More >>

Simon Orme: Republic Referendum Set to Fail

Tuesday, 2 November 1999, 8:25 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

Australian electors appear ready this weekend to toss out the proposed republican model - a republic where the President would be appointed by a two thirds majority of Parliament while retaining the existing "kingly powers" of the head ... More >>

Australia's Queen Is A Foreigner

Wednesday, 30 June 1999, 10:30 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

A referendum on whether Australia is to ditch the Queen is not due until later this year, but already the High Court of Australia has found, in a controversial decision earlier this month, that the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is a foreign power. More >>

Opinion: Hot And Cold Chooks And Aussie GST

Tuesday, 29 June 1999, 11:21 am | Simon Orme from Sydney

Australia's GST is about to become law, after it was passed through the Senate on Monday, just days before the current Senate ends. A GST will be implemented in Australia on 1 July 2000. More >>