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Simon Pound: When the smoke clears

Thursday, 28 July 2005, 1:23 pm | Simon Pound

Much has been printed about why Winston is likely to go with Labour. I reckon the opposite. Take a look at how Winston and Brash together would look to Winston. More >>

Simon Pound: How To Become A Pariah In Grey-Lynn

Friday, 4 February 2005, 3:31 pm | Simon Pound

There are a few sure-fire ways to spoil a nice Grey-Lynn dinner party. I’d say that there are four topics that are certain, certain, to upset the mood and leave fellow guests thinking that you are a baby-eating, male (a term often wielded as an insult) ... More >>

Australia's Billion Dollar Generosity

Thursday, 6 January 2005, 2:16 pm | Simon Pound

Three words I don't often find occasion to put together: Good on Australia. News is that they have pledged One Billion Aussie Dollars to help rebuild Indonesia in the wake of the Tsunami (sorry a pun that is both tasteless and irresistible). More >>

In For A Penny… Honesty In Advertising

Thursday, 25 November 2004, 10:21 am | Simon Pound

A certain publication that I hadn't worked for in this capacity asked me to review a film this week. I imagine they wont be asking again. The film was Open Water and this is the unprintable review...... fair enough really. More >>

Simon Pound: Investigate The Editorship

Monday, 15 November 2004, 2:47 pm | Simon Pound

Investigate Magazine is one of those absolute gems - a self-styled home for true hard-hitting investigative journalism, a bastion for the truth, and, incongruously, the home of very conservative Christian values. More >>

Simon Pound: Papers Short Of Content To Pad Ads

Friday, 12 November 2004, 10:58 am | Simon Pound

There was a little something that I reckon was overlooked when the decision was made to enlarge our existing papers and to set about publishing another weekend paper: We don't really have the content to pad out the advertising. More >>

Simon Pound: Well Meaning Goats

Friday, 29 October 2004, 12:04 am | Simon Pound

With the entire world’s attention focused on the American election it is pretty interesting to look at how the rest of the world views what is, in fact, purely up to the Americans. More >>

Pound's Digest: Drug Policies Are Bad, Hmmmm 'Kay

Friday, 1 October 2004, 1:03 pm | Simon Pound

Remember Nandor? You know that alternative guy with the dreadlocks and the hemp suit. The one who blazed into parliament on publicity overload. Who fearlessly fought for dope decriminalisation? More >>

In For A Penny: Eye for the District Court Guy

Wednesday, 29 September 2004, 11:46 am | Simon Pound

I said a while ago that I'd try to get round to posting about a brilliant morning spent at the District Court. It comes highly recommended by this attendee, combining as it does two of my favourite interests: absurdity and strife. More >>

In For A Penny: News Digest

Friday, 24 September 2004, 10:20 am | Simon Pound

Now for this week I thought I’d have a quick look at a couple of papers for rather different reasons, the Guardian Weekly and the NBR. First up, because it is always good to start with something positive first thing in the morning, The Guardian Weekly, ... More >>

Simon Pound: ACC And Response, Or Lack There-Of

Thursday, 26 August 2004, 12:17 am | Simon Pound

Sooooooo. It has now been over 11 weeks since I sliced my hand whilst at work in a small yet brilliantly disabling accident. More >>

Simon Pound: We Want Dick.......

Friday, 20 August 2004, 11:47 am | Simon Pound

In some of the best news the anti-John Banks brigade has had in a long time the muesli-millionaire Dick Hubbard has announced that he is entering the Mayoral race. More >>

Simon Pound: Slap On The Wrist

Thursday, 19 August 2004, 11:39 am | Simon Pound

The best thing, the very best thing about this whole internet opinion indulgence is when someone sends a reply in that makes your day. This correspondence followed on from the pro-smoking rant below. Gold. More >>

Simon Pound: Cancerous Performance

Wednesday, 18 August 2004, 10:24 am | Simon Pound

This originally appeared in the Herald here . I reproduce it in full because it is so short. Yet so rewarding. More >>

Simon Pound: MP3 Audio Interview With David Irving

Thursday, 12 August 2004, 3:30 pm | Simon Pound

Much controversy has been generated over the proposed visit to this country by historian David Irving. Irving made his reputation as biographer of Churchill. These days he is internationally reviled as a holocaust denier. More >>

Simon Pound: Lifejackets Optional

Friday, 6 August 2004, 2:50 pm | Simon Pound

Tomorrow sees a free Zaoui concert happening at the Cityside Baptist Church at the top of Mt Eden Road. The afternoon kicks off at 3 30 and Don McGlashan will be playing. There will be poetry too, perhaps even a reading of a poem Zaoui wrote. More >>

Inforapound: Hang on, Where is Bruce Willis?

Wednesday, 4 August 2004, 11:50 am | Simon Pound

Here is a little something that got my blood up. At first I thought it might be an April Fool. Apparently it is serious. It originally appeared in the Independent, and I first saw it in the Weekend Herald. More >>

Simon Pound: Hang On, Where Is Bruce Willis?

Wednesday, 4 August 2004, 12:44 am | Simon Pound

Here is a little something that got my blood up. At first I thought it might be an April Fool. Apparently it is serious. It originally appeared in the Independent , and I first saw it in the Weekend Herald . More >>

Inforapound: Dance of the Two Veils

Monday, 2 August 2004, 1:00 pm | Simon Pound

We are talking here about the fuss over the burka-ed Muslim women declining to unveil to give evidence in a Court case. More >>

Simon Pound: How To Train Terrorists & Other Dogs

Thursday, 29 July 2004, 12:18 am | Simon Pound

If you have ten people sitting around a table and one person feeds a dog from the table then the dog will continue to come back for more. More >>