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Top 10 Other Things TVNZ Should Apologise For

Friday, 3 October 2003, 2:56 pm | St Molesworth

1. Not declaring its spending on TV1 News as a donation to the Labour Party in its annual financial statements. 2. Three words: Kim Hill Sung. More >>

Top 10 Things Revealed During The Corngate Inquiry

Friday, 29 August 2003, 6:18 pm | St Molesworth

1. Mark Prebble can stuff up royally even without the distraction of Christine Rankin's short skirts and low cut tops. More >>

Top 10 Things NZ Immigration Says To Terrorists

Friday, 15 August 2003, 2:58 pm | St Molesworth

1. "Let's see, you're wanted for 3 bombings in France. Hey, guess what? That qualifies you for a subsidised home loan!" More >>

Top 10 Winston explanations for the taxi incident

Friday, 1 August 2003, 3:35 pm | St Molesworth

1. I simply wanted the opportunity to discuss New Zealand First's law and order policy with the local Wellington constabulary. 2. He asked if Death with Dignity was the name of my electorate newsletter. More >>

Top 10 Secrets Of Helen Clark's Success

Friday, 25 July 2003, 5:15 pm | St Molesworth

Helen Clark is spending $19,000 of taxpayers' money to explain the secrets of her success in a 35 page glossy described by the New Zealand Herald as a "Helen-fest". More >>

Top 10 signs Maurice Williamson doesn't care

Wednesday, 23 July 2003, 9:41 am | St Molesworth

1. The last time he asked a question for oral answer it was to find out who won the women's singles at Wimbledon. More >>

Top 10 Changes Bill Ralston Wants To Make At TVNZ

Friday, 11 July 2003, 9:49 am | St Molesworth

1. Give TVNZ a more 'mongrel' look: jewellery on presenters is out, dog collars and bone carvings are in! More >>

Top 10 Things In The Prostitution Bill Debate

Friday, 27 June 2003, 1:17 pm | St Molesworth

1. "You gotta admit, Mr Baldock, it's a bit rich for us politicians to be telling hookers that their business is immoral." More >>

Top 10 Signs Your 'Father' Might Be A Lesbian

Friday, 20 June 2003, 1:31 pm | St Molesworth

1. He watches the BBC news with Anita McNaught on the off chance that "her marriage is a sham and she might yet become available". More >>

Top 10 NZ First Fears If Asian Population Doubles

Friday, 13 June 2003, 11:52 am | St Molesworth

Top 10 NZ First Fears If The Country's Asian Population Doubles By 2021 More >>

Top 10 Programmes Planned For Maori TV

Tuesday, 10 June 2003, 12:30 am | St Molesworth

1. Maggie's Wira Gardner Show - Wira gets spectacular results with horse manure and lots of taxpayer's money. More >>

Top 10 things overheard when Goff met Arafat

Friday, 30 May 2003, 11:47 am | St Molesworth

10 things overheard when Phil Goff met Yasser Arafat More >>

Top 10 Reasons Helen Sent Trevor to Saudi Arabia

Monday, 26 May 2003, 3:57 pm | St Molesworth

1. Heather Simpson couldn't find Pete Hodgson in the power-crisis darkened corridors of the Beehive. 2. Given it's a desert country, there's little chance Mallard could 'sink' another $34 million into another stupid yacht race. More >>

Top 10 things to improve NZ-USA relations

Monday, 12 May 2003, 10:39 am | St Molesworth

Top 10 things the government could do to improve NZ-USA relations More >>

Top 10 Messages On Saddam Hussein's Answer Phone

Friday, 21 March 2003, 4:11 pm | St Molesworth

1. "Hi, I've always been a big admirer. Kia kaha. It's Keith Locke here." 2. "Mike Hosking here. Your hair always looks great - what product do you use?" More >>

Top 10 Reasons I Quit Being A Human Shield In Iraq

Friday, 14 March 2003, 3:49 pm | St Molesworth

1. Couldn't find a Starbucks, a Country Road, let alone a vegan restaurant in downtown Baghdad. 2. My first job was to wipe the blood splatters off the walls at the Ministry of Torture. More >>

10 reasons we're not doing well in the boat race

Monday, 24 February 2003, 11:00 am | St Molesworth

1. The crew were mentally traumatised by the suggestion that Georgina Beyer might join the shirtless haka. More >>

Top 10 gripes of NZ's professional cricket players

Friday, 8 November 2002, 2:53 pm | St Molesworth

Top 10 gripes of New Zealand's professional cricket players More >>

Top 10 Signs Of Ross Armstrong Trick Or Treating

Tuesday, 5 November 2002, 5:05 pm | St Molesworth

Top 10 Signs You're Being Trick Or Treated By Ross Armstrong More >>

Top 10 Slogans Used In Recent Iraqi Elections

Tuesday, 22 October 2002, 10:42 am | St Molesworth

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