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Stop Aerial Spraying (SAS) welcome Report

Monday, 12 November 2007, 2:03 pm | Stop Aerial Spraying

Stop Aerial Spraying welcome the recommendations reported by the People's Inquiry into the impacts and effects of aerial spraying, and congratulate the Commissioners on their thorough and considered work. See: for executive ... More >>

Ombudsman Investigates delay in releasing report

Monday, 19 April 2004, 2:27 pm | Stop Aerial Spraying

Has Jim Sutton, Minister for Biosecurity, Agriculture and Forestry taken over the Health portfolio? More >>

Why we’re giving the Westies such a hard time?

Friday, 23 May 2003, 11:01 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The native Australian wattle has yellow flowers that provide a perfect refuge for its mate the Painted Apple Moth. More >>

Why we didn’t release sterile PAMs in 1999

Wednesday, 21 May 2003, 8:31 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

People are asking why we didn’t release sterile Painted Apple Moths back in 1999? More >>

A chemical a Day

Tuesday, 13 May 2003, 11:45 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The chemicals below make up the remainder of the chemicals found in Foray48B being sprayed over Auckland, Northshore and Waitakere City's this week. A summary of all chemical components will follow.... More >>

A Chemical A Day

Friday, 9 May 2003, 10:09 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

It means that the exposure to certain chemicals (found in the spray) experienced by people (especially children) leaves them susceptible to these chemicals in everyday cosmetic and food preservatives, which results in allergic like adverse health reaction, ... More >>

A Chemical a Day

Thursday, 8 May 2003, 9:40 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

Ingredient in Foray48B - aerially sprayed over Auckland as a silver bullet attempt to manage biosecurity incursions. May 13th will be the 20th such spray in just over a year. More >>

A Chemical A Day - FYI

Wednesday, 7 May 2003, 8:55 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

Government and Ministry officials have consistently refused to reveal the so-called ‘inert’ ingredients which make up 97% of the spray (Foray 48B) being used on 180,000 people in Auckland, Waitakere and North Shore Cities. More >>

MAF must provide pesticide-filtering masks

Tuesday, 6 May 2003, 8:46 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

Stop Aerial Spraying (SAS) calls for MAF to issue pesticide-filtering masks to people in the spray zone. More >>

Secret spray ingredients released

Monday, 5 May 2003, 9:48 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

Community representatives concerned about the health effects of the controversial aerial spray campaign against the Painted Apple Moth, have today released details of the spray's secret ingredients. More >>

Facts to Consider - Painted Apple Moth

Monday, 14 April 2003, 10:46 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

As MAF prepare to report the status of the Painted Apple Moth eradication operation to Cabinet, the political decision makers must now consider the following facts: More >>

Stop Aerial Spraying

Wednesday, 9 April 2003, 7:57 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

Community group Stop Aerial Spraying says that Waitakere City Council, and the other local bodies in the spray zone now have the evidence to act under the Health Act. They must require MAF to abate the nuisance caused by aerial spraying, without further ... More >>

What Long-Term-Effect Studies have been done? None

Friday, 14 March 2003, 10:31 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

People are asking have any long-term studies been done on the effects of the spray? More >>

Just how well is the Painted Apple Moth spreading?

Thursday, 13 March 2003, 8:32 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

This time last year MAF was spraying 600 hectares. By comparison MAF is now spraying 10,000 hectares and that’s a 1,667% increase. More >>

Like Acid Rain

Friday, 7 March 2003, 8:55 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The pH of the spray is similar to the pH of acid rain, and is more acidic than that of normal rain. High acidity levels in the air and soil can cause health and environmental problems as well as problems of material corrosion. More >>


Thursday, 6 March 2003, 9:36 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The Health Risk Assessment is flawed for reasons which include: failure to determine the effects of ongoing low dose exposure, as opposed to one-off exposure to toxic levels, when it is known that this can result in chemical sensitivity. More >>

For Childrens' Sake

Wednesday, 5 March 2003, 8:29 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

It is a scientific fact that children are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of chemicals than the general population. The younger the child, the greater the vulnerability. More >>

PR half truths

Monday, 3 March 2003, 8:13 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The public relations by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on both television and radio misguide the public. Foray48B (a formula protected as a trade secret) has not been used on cabbages for 35 years. Btk (used in organic agriculture) and Foray48B ... More >>

No Transparancy

Friday, 28 February 2003, 9:00 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has contracted services giving advice to the community on health issues associated with aerial spraying and services monitoring those effects on the Auckland community to a private company. Private companies are ... More >>


Wednesday, 26 February 2003, 9:31 am | Stop Aerial Spraying

The Government has indemnified Agriquality Ltd, the private company which is spraying Aucklanders with pesticide, against any claim arising from this activity. More >>