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Te Karere Ipurangi - Latest News [Page 1]

Defence Appointments Send Timely Message

Tuesday, 11 December 2001, 9:51 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

The significant feature of the new appointment to Chief of Defence Force is that the Labour Alliance government has passed over the existing chiefs. More >>

TKI Editorial: Campaign To Discredit M.G. Dodson

Monday, 10 December 2001, 11:18 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

Major General Maurice Dodson has been the target of an 18 month campaign of misinformation designed to discredit him personally, to prevent his becoming Chief of Defence Force. More >>

Indigenous Fiji Newsletter

Wednesday, 21 June 2000, 11:06 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

The following is the text of a newsletter received from Fiji. It sets out many of the grievances and suspicions of many indigenous Fijians. It is republished by Te Karere Ipurangi to illustrate the issues that concern many indigenous Fijians, that ... More >>

Fiji - Speech To UN Conference On Women

Monday, 12 June 2000, 9:39 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

By now most of you have heard of the coup in Fiji. About 30 of our people are being held hostage. The President has been forced to resign and the Constitution put in place in 1997 has been revoked. More >>

Democracy, Constitutions and Revolution

Monday, 12 June 2000, 9:33 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

Throughout the Fijian constitutional crisis New Zealand's foreign minister Phil Goff has declaimed from his high moral perch the principles of democracy and constitutionality, the absolute and non-negotiable values that Fiji must adhere to, or else. These are ... More >>

The Failure of Electoral Engineering in Fiji

Thursday, 8 June 2000, 10:15 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

George Speight's seizure of Fiji's parliament may have shocked the world, but it comes as less of a surprise to those familiar with the situation here in Fiji. More >>

Thoughts on 3rd Coup by Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni

Wednesday, 7 June 2000, 10:32 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

To date George Speight and the Army have agreed to the following. 1. Ratu Mara and Sitiveni Rabuka step down from their respective Leadership positions. 2. Annul the 1997 constitution. 3. Pardon George Speight and his seven men who were responsible ... More >>

FIJI & Solomons: Coup, Coup & Coup

Tuesday, 6 June 2000, 2:01 pm | Te Karere Ipurangi

What we are seeing in an arc from South East Asia to the Pacific is the failure of imported and culturally inappropriate systems of governance. Ross Himona of Te Karere Ipurangi writes. More >>

Foreign Affairs is a Maori Affairs Issue

Wednesday, 31 May 2000, 9:05 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

Few politicians and commentators have even begun to grasp the future political effects of the browning of Aotearoa New Zealand, including the major changes it will bring about in our foreign policy stance. Ross Nepia Himona of Te Karere Ipurangi writes. More >>

TKI - Provocation, Resentment and Passion in Suva

Tuesday, 30 May 2000, 9:56 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

The crisis drags on, and on, and Australia and New Zealand grow angrier and more and more frustrated at the Pacific Way, and the Fijian Way. Western nations try to force the unfolding of events towards pre-determined conclusions. More >>

Te Karere Ipurangi - What is Martial Law?

Tuesday, 30 May 2000, 9:53 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

Commander Frank Bainimarama tonight reluctantly declared martial law over all of Fiji, personally assumed executive authority, and imposed curfews on all citizens. All Army territorials and reservists have been called up. More >>

FIJI - European Principle vs Polynesian Kinship

Thursday, 25 May 2000, 10:21 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

At the heart of the Pacific Way, which is so much at odds with the Western Way, is the network of kinship ties and reciprocal obligations that guides all cultural, social, economic and political thinking and behaviour throughout the Pacific. This ... More >>

Te Karere Ipurangi - Fiji Editorial

Monday, 22 May 2000, 10:20 am | Te Karere Ipurangi

Two things this morning. Firstly, in their interviews over the weekend and this morning, the media have featured overwhelmingly the views of Fijian Indians, and have disregarded any indigenous Fijian viewpoint. Hardly a balanced response. More >>




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