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Irish Times Editorial: South Africa Loses

Friday, 7 July 2000, 9:54 am | The Irish Times

A great opportunity was lost yesterday to spread the benefits of sports internationalism more evenly around the world when FIFA voted against awarding the 2006 soccer World Cup to South Africa in favour of Germany. The dramatic final vote, in which the New ... More >>

Irish whaling plan opposed as commission meets

Tuesday, 4 July 2000, 2:58 pm | The Irish Times

AUSTRALIA: Ireland's proposal for a global whale sanctuary, which would also permit limited hunting within 200-mile limits, will be one of the most controversial issues for debate when the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meets in Australia today. More >>

Link: US agrees family may see rescued Cuban boy

Wednesday, 5 April 2000, 11:10 am | The Irish Times

THE US: The State Department has approved visas for the immediate family of Elian Gonzalez to travel to the United States along with a cousin, a pediatrician and his kindergarten teacher. But 22 other visas requested are being reviewed. More >>

Pig-cloning could end chronic organ shortage

Friday, 17 March 2000, 11:07 am | The Irish Times

The prospect of organ transplants from pigs to humans is said to have moved a step closer with a new success in animal cloning. More >>


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