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UN2K: Albanian President Rexhep Meidani

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:59 pm | UN Millennium Summit

The past half century has seen a revolution in the way in which nations are governed. Fifty years ago, the majority of the nations, that are now members of the United Nations did not have self- determination and many of them were ruled by colonial ... More >>

UN2K: Japanese PM Yoshiro Mori

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:56 pm | UN Millennium Summit

Fifty-five years have passed since the United Nations was established. Throughout this period and particularly since the end of the Cold War, progress has been made in the efforts to achieve peace and prosperity. More >>

UN2K: Canadian PM Jean Chretien

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:51 pm | UN Millennium Summit

I will begin by expressing Canada's outrage at the murder of innocent, unarmed humanitarian personnel in West Timor. Those who attack UN staff attack this Organization ... and undermine the purposes and principles we have all come here to reaffirm. It is incumbent ... More >>

UN2K: Turkey President Ahmet Necdet Sezer

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:50 pm | UN Millennium Summit

We are privileged to have two prominent statesmen, one from the northern, the other from the southern hemisphere, co-chairing this summit. It is also a tribute to the United Nations to see the President of Namibia presiding over this unique event; ... More >>

UN2K: Armenia President Robert Kocharian

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:48 pm | UN Millennium Summit

The report of the Secretary General on the role of the United Nations in the twenty-first century is highly commendable. Armenia shares the views and approaches reflected in the report on the challenges and objectives for our uniquely global Organisation. More >>

UN2K: Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:43 pm | UN Millennium Summit

In history, an end also marks a beginning. Now, at the turn of the centuries, we have a strong sense of this happening. History has quickened its pace, and the new face of the world is emerging before our eyes. More >>

UN2K: Malaysia H.E. Dato' Seri Syed Hamid Albar

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:38 pm | UN Millennium Summit

Allow me to warmly congratulate your Excellencies on your election as Co-Chairmen of this historic Millennium Summit. Malaysia is confident that under your able and wise stewardship this Summit will have a successful outcome. More >>

UN2K: Myanmar Chairman U Win Aung

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:29 pm | UN Millennium Summit

Allow me first of all to extend to you our warmest congratulations on your assumption as the Co-Chairpersons of the Millennium Summit. I am fully confident that under your able guidance the Millennium Summit will be able to fulfil the expectations ... More >>

UN2K: Egypt (on behalf) Of Mohammed Hosni Mubarak

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:24 pm | UN Millennium Summit

It is my honour to convey to you the compliments of President Hosni Mubarak and his apology for not participating in this unique session, given its significance and purport. Simultaneously, I wish to express his feelings and thoughts, as President ... More >>

UN2K: Iraq Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:21 pm | UN Millennium Summit

We would like to express our best wishes for the peoples of the United Nations in the 21st century which we hope to be a century of peace, justice and progress for all. More >>

UN2K: Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:19 pm | UN Millennium Summit

Our world is becoming more globalised, yet at the same time more fragmented. Technological advances have brought the world closer. But they have also opened up divides between those who are able to cope with the resultant challenges, and those who lack the ... More >>

UN2K: Nauru President Bernard Dowiyogo M.P

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:17 pm | UN Millennium Summit


UN2K: Thabo Mbecki President of South Africa

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:15 pm | UN Millennium Summit

We have gathered at this important place to discuss what we might do together to address the problems that confront our common world. More >>

UN2K: President of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:13 pm | UN Millennium Summit

I bring you greetings from the people of Sierra Leone, a people who have been subjected to the worst form of brutality the world has witnessed in the closing years of the 20th century, a people who, against all odds, have become shining symbols of resilience, ... More >>

UN2K:Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela President

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:11 pm | UN Millennium Summit

Venezuela and its Bolivarian people salute this summit and, through it, all the countries and peoples of the world. More >>

UN2K: Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:09 pm | UN Millennium Summit

Speaking from this high rostrum, I feel probably the same as everybody present here -responsibility, solidarity and inspiration. More >>

UN2K: Georgia President Edouard Sheverdnadze

Friday, 8 September 2000, 2:06 pm | UN Millennium Summit

I must not fail to acknowledge the comprehensive nature of the report of the Secretary General. This is indeed a document worthy of a Millennium. More >>

UN NEWS: Security Council And UN Summit News

Friday, 8 September 2000, 12:15 am | UN Millennium Summit

- Security Council facing "crisis of credibility," Annan tells summit meeting - Security Council leaders resolve to strengthen UN peacekeeping - On day two of Millennium Summit, world forum on "right track" - At 2nd Millennium Summit ... More >>

Millennium Summit, world forum on "right track"

Friday, 8 September 2000, 12:08 am | UN Millennium Summit

7 September -- The United Nations Millennium Summit entered its second day of deliberations on Thursday with over 60 leaders from around the world scheduled to address the forum in plenary meetings, while informal discussions will take place in interactive round ... More >>

Scoop Images: Where's Helen?

Friday, 8 September 2000, 12:06 am | UN Millennium Summit

More World Leaders in one place than ever before... at the UN Millennium Summit in New York. More >>



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