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Landes: Candidates Advised To Citizen Audit Races

Tuesday, 7 November 2006, 2:31 pm | - Lynn Landes

Candidates should 'citizen audit' at least some polls before conceding an election. They should ask voters to go public with their votes. That’s the advice of Lynn Landes, a freelance journalist who specializes in voting security issues. More >>

Lynn Landes Video: Caught On Tape, The Fix Is In

Tuesday, 22 August 2006, 11:00 am | - Lynn Landes

Aug 21: Philadelphia, PA -- Caught On Tape, The Fix Is In is a new online video about America's flawed voting process by freelance journalist Lynn Landes, producer of In this 13-minute video Landes strongly urges all political candidates ... More >>

Voting Systems Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

Tuesday, 7 February 2006, 2:30 pm | - Lynn Landes

Washington DC, Jan 30 - A little-noticed voting rights lawsuit has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court (Docket No. 05-930). It constitutes the first legal challenge to the widespread use of nontransparent voting systems. Specifically, the lawsuit ... More >>

Scrap the "Secret" Ballot - Return to Open Voting

Monday, 7 November 2005, 3:06 pm | - Lynn Landes

The problem is worldwide. From the Ukraine to the United States, many voters no longer believe that their votes are counted correctly. And that's regardless of whether paper ballots or voting machines are used. The problem is the "secret" ballot. More >>

Lynn Landes: American Meltdown

Monday, 5 September 2005, 12:50 am | - Lynn Landes

American Meltdown - Get Ready For Next Un-Natural Disaster By Lynn Landes ( ) 9/3/05 More >>

Paper Trails Aren't Good Enough, Count The Ballots

Tuesday, 15 March 2005, 12:53 am | - Lynn Landes

After the 2004 election I thought I would barf if I heard one more Democratic pundit or politician lament the lost election and blame it on the party's ''message''. More >>

Exit Poll Madness - Analyses Offers False Choice

Wednesday, 9 March 2005, 12:41 am | - Lynn Landes

Beware of exit polls and the analysts who study them. These folks would have us believe that exit polls tell the gospel truth. They even quote the duplicitous toe-sucking Dick Morris to make their case. More >>

Plan B: Parallel Elections & Signed Ballots

Wednesday, 19 January 2005, 10:49 am | - Lynn Landes

Something's got to give. Another election is just around the corner. What's it going to be? Another opportunity to document election ''irregularities'' and computer ''glitches''? Another chance to analyze mysterious exit polls? Another exercise in frustration? ... More >>

Voting Groups Block Talk of Machine-Free Elections

Monday, 13 December 2004, 10:12 am | - Lynn Landes

So much for a free and fair exchange of ideas. At conferences and hearings across the country, traditional voting rights organizations have successfully blocked any serious debate on machine-free, paper-only elections. More >>

2 Voting Cos. 2 Brothers Will Count 80% of US Vote

Wednesday, 28 April 2004, 11:20 am | - Lynn Landes

Voters can run, but they can't hide from these guys. Meet the Urosevich brothers, Bob and Todd. Their respective companies, Diebold and ES&S, will count (using BOTH computerized ballot scanners and touchscreen machines) about 80% of all votes cast ... More >>

Repubs. Walk Out Of Hearing On Voting Machines

Wednesday, 14 April 2004, 11:37 am | - Lynn Landes

As the battle over voting machines rages across the country, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights met on Friday, April 9th, to examine the ''Integrity, Security and Accessibility in the Nation's Readiness to Vote''. Two scientists and four representatives ... More >>

Lynn Landes: Faking Democracy

Wednesday, 7 April 2004, 12:15 am | - Lynn Landes

Americans aren't really voting. Machines are. Call it faking democracy. More >>

Questions Mount Over New Hampshire's Primary

Wednesday, 11 February 2004, 11:57 am | - Lynn Landes

It's been all downhill for Howard Dean since he lost the New Hampshire primary by a significant margin. But, now questions are being raised about the security of New Hampshire's voting system in the wake of a recent analysis of the election results. ... More >>

Dems Mixed Signals in Voting Technology Debate

Thursday, 15 January 2004, 2:20 pm | - Lynn Landes

There's something strange going on in the Democratic Party. While George Bush's buddies dominate the vote counting business with no apologies to anyone about this rather incredible conflict-of-interest, Democrats are sending mixed signals on this continuing ... More >>

NIST Ignores Scientific Method for Voting Tech.

Wednesday, 17 December 2003, 11:41 am | - Lynn Landes

The conference was crawling with scientists. But, the scientific method was a no-show at last week's First NIST (National Institute for Science and Technology) Symposium on Building Trust and Confidence in Voting Systems in Gaithersburg, Maryland last ... More >>

Lynn Landes: Internet Voting - End of Democracy?

Friday, 29 August 2003, 12:39 am | - Lynn Landes

Despite inherent and increasingly blatant security risks, Internet voting companies are steadily gaining control over the U.S. electoral system and American civic life. The risk to democracy is very real. More >>

Forum on Voting Machines in Philadelphia - Sept 7

Tuesday, 26 August 2003, 12:09 am | - Lynn Landes

Philadelphia, PA -- A forum on "Voting Machines: A Threat To Democracy?" will be held Sunday, September 7, from 2-5 pm at the Ethical Society , in Philadelphia, PA. More >>

Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold

Wednesday, 20 August 2003, 11:22 am | - Lynn Landes

The voting machine wars are heating up and the implications of vote fraud in America are even more ominous. More >>

E-Voting Expert Ousted From Elections Conference

Saturday, 2 August 2003, 4:36 pm | - Lynn Landes

Denver CO Aug 1 - Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, a leading expert in voting machine security, had her conference credentials revoked by the president of the International Association of Clerks, Records, Election Officials, and Treasurers (IACREOT), Marianne Rickenbach. ... More >>

Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote

Thursday, 17 July 2003, 11:06 am | - Lynn Landes

Last year, while President Bush marshaled U.S. forces for the invasion of Iraq, the patriots at the Department of Defense awarded the contract for a new online voting system for the military... to an offshore company. More >>





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