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Gordon Campbell on the National leadership “contest”

Thursday, 8 December 2016, 10:46 am | Gordon Campbell

S o…. we’re 72 hours into this journey into deep space after dropping the rocket that took us out of earth orbit (adieu, John Key) and we’re taking stock of who’s on the flight deck, and whether any warps in the space/time continuum (like Jonathan ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the Key resignation

Monday, 5 December 2016, 4:09 pm | Gordon Campbell

T>he resignation of John Key is one thing. The way that Key and his deputy Bill English have screwed the scrum on the leadership succession vote (due on December 12) is something else again. It remains to be seen whether the party caucus – ie, the ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on India’s huge socio-economic experiment

Monday, 5 December 2016, 11:54 am | Gordon Campbell

W ithout much coverage at all in the West, India has just been engaged for the past few weeks in one of the world’s biggest socio-economic experiments since the Cultural Revolution in China. With only four hours warning on November 8, Indian Prime Minister ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on Anne Tolley’s callous folly

Friday, 2 December 2016, 11:29 am | Gordon Campbell

Last week’s conflict between Social Development Minister Anne Tolley and District Court judge Carolyn Henwood illustrated quite a few of the flaws in the system. More >>

Gordon Campbell: Putin’s wonderful, fabulous, very good year

Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 10:49 am | Gordon Campbell

Safe to say that no-one, but no-one has had a better 2016 than Vladimir Putin. What an annus mirabilis it has been for him. Somehow, Russia got away with directly interfering in the US election process, such that a friendly oligarch that Putin can do business ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the death of Fidel Castro

Monday, 28 November 2016, 12:16 pm | Gordon Campbell

New Zealand likes to think we played ourpart – via the 1981 Springbok tour – in bringing the apartheid regime in South Africa to an end. Cuba played a far, far more substantial role. That’s why South African president Jacob Zuma treated the ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the media normalisation of Trump

Friday, 25 November 2016, 12:38 pm | Gordon Campbell

W e all supposedly agree that the media is going to hell in a tabloid handbasket, but the trends to the contrary can be a bit harder to spot. In his 1970s book The Right Stuff , Tom Wolfe had mocked the way the media instinctively acts as what he ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the transport options, post earthquake

Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 10:22 am | Gordon Campbell

As the immediate task of repairing and re-opening SH1 north and south of Kaikoura begins, the configuration of rail, road and shipping likely to emerge in the longer term, post earthquake, still remains opaque. According to Rail and Maritime Union ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the government’s tax cuts fixation

Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 11:06 am | Gordon Campbell

L ong before the earthquake hit, the dodginess of the government tax cuts programnme was evident in the language of its packaging. It is being touted as a “tax cuts and family care” package. Yes, this $3 billion election bribe is going to be packaged ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on trade, Trump and Steve Bannon

Friday, 18 November 2016, 11:32 am | Gordon Campbell

A s APEC leaders get together this weekend in Peru, they could be forgiven for looking back nostalgically at Barack Obama’s time in office and wondering whether the world will ever be quite so safe and prosperous again. Because if anyone can further bankrupt ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, 16 November 2016, 10:27 am | Gordon Campbell

If Bob Dylan owned the 1960s, Leonard Cohen was an inescapable presence during the early 1970s period, pre-disco and pre-punk. There were a lot of 3am moments during that era when, after the lovebirds and the lightweights had gone home, someone – ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the Gareth Morgan crusade

Friday, 11 November 2016, 10:48 am | Gordon Campbell

T he ghastly likes of Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands have already hailed the Trump triumph as an inspiration for Europe, and for the entire globe. Racist xenophobes of the world unite, because its now our time! More >>

Gordon Campbell on the US election outcome

Thursday, 10 November 2016, 10:53 am | Gordon Campbell

W ell um.. on the bright side, there (probably) won’t be a TPP. In fact, you could argue that the cheerleaders of free trade have now succeeded in delivering the planet into the hands of someone who believes in the unlimited use of American military ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on the US election home stretch

Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 11:08 am | Gordon Campbell

O nce again at the business end of a US election, the result will hinge on the same old bits of geography as always: the Five Crucial Counties in Ohio, the Two Crucial Counties in Pennsylvania and the I-4 Interstate Corridor in Florida that runs from ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on news from the US election eve

Friday, 4 November 2016, 10:41 am | Gordon Campbell

Here’s a somewhat scary headline from October 30 on Nate Silver’s 538 site, which summed up the statistical factors in play at that point : “The Cubs Have A Smaller Chance Of Winning Than Trump Does” More >>

Gordon Campbell on the latest McCully fiasco

Thursday, 3 November 2016, 10:47 am | Gordon Campbell

Well, as Auditor-General Lynn Provost has just found in her long-awaited report into the Saudi sheep deal: plenty. More >>

Gordon Campbell on the last rites for the TPP

Wednesday, 2 November 2016, 11:44 am | Gordon Campbell

Sorry. I know that the TPP is the reggae of political issues…in that it can be endlessly boring, samey sounding and obsessed with the same things ( Jah, ganja and investor state disputes) but believe me, there are some fascinating bassline variations ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on Britain’s court ruling against Uber

Monday, 31 October 2016, 10:01 am | Gordon Campbell

The shockwaves from Uber’s defeat last week in a British court have reportedly already begun to wash up here in New Zealand with some local drivers thinking of taking a similar class action. More >>

Gordon Campbell On The Police (And MSD) Abuses Of Power

Thursday, 27 October 2016, 10:22 am | Gordon Campbell

I t has been a rough week for anyone who believes in civil liberties. Apparently, the Police have deliberately abused the powers of detention they possess under the Land Transport Act (ie to promote road safety) in order to set up a bogus breath ... More >>

Gordon Campbell on holidays, Hekia Parata and Badlands

Tuesday, 25 October 2016, 11:50 am | Gordon Campbell

A t this time of year, a lot of New Zealanders tend to bemoan the increasing popularity of Hallowe’en. They regard it as an alien, commercialized American import with no real connection to this country – even though, thank goodness, Hallowe’en ... More >>



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