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Abortion: Personal Is Political

Tuesday, 11 September 2001, 9:51 am | Dayna Berghan

After two and a half years of negotiation the medical abortion pill, Mifegyne will finally be available for use in New Zealand. The new drug will not be available over the counter at pharmacies, only at clinics and hospitals licensed to carry out abortions. ... More >>

Dayna Berghan: I'd Rather Have The Choice

Tuesday, 14 August 2001, 11:57 am | Dayna Berghan

There has been a bit of buzz recently in New Zealand about the creation of a Civil Union. So what is a Civil Union you may ask? More >>

Ms Prendergast To Further Her Mayoral Campaign

Wednesday, 27 June 2001, 2:28 pm | Dayna Berghan

Last night I attended the women only Safety meeting held at the Wellington Town Hall organised by the YWCA and More FM. The Wellington Police and the Self -Defence network were invited to speak and Kerry Prendergast from the Wellington City Council spoke ... More >>

Dayna Berghan: Legal Technicalities

Friday, 22 June 2001, 3:05 pm | Dayna Berghan

There has been a nervous tension in Wellington recently. It is election year for New Zealand's city Mayors. There has also been a recent emphasis on city safety issues due to eleven highly publicised rapes in the central city of Wellington over the ... More >>

Are You A Feminist Or A Masculinist?

Tuesday, 19 June 2001, 2:37 pm | Dayna Berghan

A good friend of mine is studying Women's Studies at Victoria University; he is one of two males in his class. He’s currently on study break and working hard for his exams. He contacted me to help with his study (I did the same paper a few years ago ... More >>

Dayna Berghan: The State Won't Pay For Tampons

Monday, 11 June 2001, 9:56 am | Dayna Berghan

Take into account that women menstruate every month and there is no government subsidy on female sanitary products, and you are required to pay Goods and Services tax (GST) on items such as these. More >>

Who Is The Real Enemy The Rapist Or The Media?

Wednesday, 30 May 2001, 10:51 am | Dayna Berghan

In the last few weeks in Wellington there have been eleven attacks on women. Women are being attacked and raped in Wellington. This issue is of course causing concern in Wellington, there was an editorial in Salient on the same vein as I am taking ... More >>

Borrowing For Study - How Does This Effect Women?

Wednesday, 30 May 2001, 10:44 am | Dayna Berghan

Women will be discouraged from going into further study because of the debt burden. They may even postpone having children. Women may find it even more difficult to get a bank loan for a house (etc) later in life because they will have even less ... More >>

Dayna Berghan: Now I Want Some Commitment

Monday, 14 May 2001, 10:05 am | Dayna Berghan

I've Sniffed Your Flowers, I've Eaten Your Chocolates. Now I Want Some Commitment. More >>

Who Does The Night Belong To?

Tuesday, 8 May 2001, 11:01 am | Dayna Berghan

Every year women and children across New Zealand march in solidarity, making it clear that violence in all its manifestations is an issue of power and control, domination and exploitation that will not be tolerated. More >>

There Is Supply, Then There Is Demand

Monday, 30 April 2001, 11:13 am | Dayna Berghan

Front page of Friday's paper (The Dominion, Friday, April 27, 2001). On the top left hand side is the brief of the Hawera Massage parlour that donated $5 for every customer on Anzac Day to the local RSA. More >>

You Are Either A Damsel Or A Superbitch

Monday, 30 April 2001, 11:12 am | Dayna Berghan

I was sick this week so instead of going out to party like the rest of my flat I thought a spell in front of the television might make me drift into the land of nod. Instead I was rushing to find pen and paper as soon as possible when I caught "Perfect ... More >>