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Stablecoins - Dispelling Misconceptions And Explaining Their Superpowers

Tuesday, 13 February 2024, 8:47 am | Easy Crypto

<img src="" width="720" height="309"> The internet has changed life as we know it - with a ride (hello Uber) and even pre-packaged dinner ingredients ... More >>

Bitcoin ETFs - Buyer Beware?

Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 9:04 am | Easy Crypto

In 2023, global crypto ownership rose by 34% to 580 million, widely believed to have been driven by the expected approval of a Bitcoin spot exchange traded fund (ETF). Fast forward to day one of trading, and Reuters reported that the funds saw ... More >>

Easy Crypto Achieves A Hat Trick At Inaugural BlockchainNZ Awards With Three Business And Leadership Wins

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 9:07 am | Easy Crypto

New Zealand Easy Crypto, New Zealand’s largest non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, was announced as the overall winner in three categories of the inaugural BlockchainNZ awards. The company won ‘BlockchainNZ & Web3NZ Web3 Business of the Year’; ... More >>

Is It Time That The Crypto Industry Points A Finger At Itself?

Thursday, 23 November 2023, 10:37 am | Easy Crypto

The crypto industry loves to ‘point the finger’ at banks with a laundry list of challenges digital currency fixes, including high transaction fees, centralised control, slow cross-border transfers and limited accessibility. But is it time that ... More >>

Easy Crypto - New Zealand’s Largest Crypto Retailer - Launches A New Stablecoin And Crypto Wallet

Wednesday, 22 November 2023, 9:45 am | Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto, New Zealand’s largest non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of two new products that address two of the biggest barriers to crypto adoption in New Zealand - volatility and complexity. The NZ dollar backed ... More >>

The NFT Revolution: Worthless Fad Or Web3's Future?

Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 9:35 am | Easy Crypto

In March 2021, crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi made headlines globally when he spent $2.9m on a non-fungible token (NFT) of the first tweet from the former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey. Fast forward to 2023 and The Guardian and other platforms are reporting ... More >>

How Crypto Rebels Are Thriving On The Edge Of The Market Abyss

Thursday, 28 September 2023, 2:58 pm | Easy Crypto

Janine Grainger - Co-Founder and CEO, Easy Crypto The catch cry of innovation is: rise when the market falls. Smart crypto companies are using what some have called Bitcoin’s “longest bear market” in history to implement a two-speed approach ... More >>

Crypto Isn’t (yet) Accessible For All

Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 10:13 am | Easy Crypto

Janine Grainger - Co-Founder and CEO, Easy Crypto We intrinsically know that crypto investment and participation should be for everyone, but just how realistic is this? Crypto has been positioned as a groundbreaking financial innovation, promising financial ... More >>

Easy Crypto Launches The World’s First Reo Māori Cryptocurrency Platform

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 5:09 pm | Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto has announced that it is launching the world’s first cryptocurrency platform to be translated into te reo Māori in time for Māori Language week / Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (11 - 17 September). In partnership with Māori software translation ... More >>

Could Your Bitcoin Soon Be As Green As Your Dollar Bill?

Monday, 4 September 2023, 7:23 pm | Easy Crypto

Janine Grainger - Co-Founder and CEO, Easy Crypto Given a societal shift towards more sustainable business practices in recent years, the environmental impact of crypto - in particular Bitcoin - has sparked intense debates. Critics often point ... More >>

There's A (crypto) Solution For That!

Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 12:34 pm | Easy Crypto

Janine Grainger - Co-Founder and CEO, Easy Crypto <img src="" width="720" height="405"> In a world where technological advancements continually reshape the way we live, it's no surprise that traditional ... More >>

Will A ‘Bitcoin Halving’ Turn Crypto Into ‘digital Gold’?

Wednesday, 9 August 2023, 10:01 am | Easy Crypto

"In the world of crypto, few events generate as much excitement and hype as a ‘Bitcoin halving’ which takes place approximately every four years and captivates both seasoned and new investors alike. But what exactly is a Bitcoin halving, and ... More >>

How Blockchain Is Paving The Way For A Better Future

Monday, 12 June 2023, 12:31 pm | Easy Crypto

Janine Grainger - Co-Founder and CEO, Easy Crypto <img src="" width="480" height="720"> What comes to mind when you think of ‘the blockchain’? If you equate ‘the blockchain’ with crypto - you’re ... More >>

It’s Time That ‘Financial Literacy’ Includes Crypto Basics!

Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 11:25 am | Easy Crypto

Janine Grainger - Co-Founder and CEO, Easy Crypto If you know the difference between a ‘Growth’ vs a ‘Conservative’ fund; or between investing in a fund vs individual shares, you probably pride yourself on being financially savvy. Well done! My next ... More >>

Easy Crypto Appoints ONZM Mitchell Pham To Its Global Board

Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 2:12 pm | Easy Crypto

Kiwi cryptocurrency platform, Easy Crypto, has announced the appointment of Khoa Dang (Mitchell) Pham to its board. For over two decades, Mitchell has worked to create a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future through tech for good. He was ... More >>

New Survey Suggests ‘Crypto Winter’ Hasn't Negatively Affected Investor Sentiment

Tuesday, 29 November 2022, 7:21 pm | Easy Crypto

Kiwi cryptocurrency platform, Easy Crypto, has released insights from a survey it conducted of 1,000 local Cryptocurrency (Crypto) investors - and the results reveal buoyant investor sentiment, even against a backdrop of what market analysts have ... More >>

Easy Crypto Selects Stripe To Power Payments

Wednesday, 20 July 2022, 3:22 pm | Easy Crypto

Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, today announced that the leading cryptocurrency exchange Easy Crypto has selected Stripe to power payments for its account holders. The New Zealand-based exchange was founded in 2017 with ... More >>

Crypto Comes Of Age – Survey Suggests Cryptocurrency Nearly As Popular As Investment Property With Kiwi Investors

Wednesday, 2 March 2022, 11:56 am | Easy Crypto

Kiwi cryptocurrency platform, Easy Crypto, has today released insights from a survey it conducted of 1,000 New Zealanders, analysing evolving attitudes towards the burgeoning investment category. The survey highlights cryptocurrency’s rapid ascent to becoming ... More >>

Institutional Funds Accelerate Growth Of NZ Cryptocurrency Firm

Wednesday, 6 October 2021, 11:59 am | Easy Crypto

New Zealand firm Easy Crypto announced today it has closed a $17m funding round, led by sovereign-backed Nuance Connected Capital. This Series A is understood to be the largest first funding round completed by any New Zealand firm, with no prior ... More >>

New Zealand’s Quiet Success Story: Cryptocurrency Retailer Easy Crypto Nears $1 Billion In Sales

Thursday, 22 July 2021, 9:40 am | Easy Crypto

 Janine Grainger jokes that her company is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing, biggest businesses that no one has ever heard of. She’s not really joking though. Just three years after launching, Kiwi-founded digital currency retailer ... More >>





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