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Employers Must Prepare As Double Sick Leave Comes Into Effect

Friday, 23 July 2021, 11:39 am | Employsure

Employers across the country are reminded the amount of sick leave staff are legally entitled to increases from five days per year to 10 from 24 July 2021. As part of the new change, eligible employees will be entitled to 10 days' sick leave each year ... More >>

Employers Must Work With Employees To Resolve Personal Grievances Early

Monday, 31 May 2021, 11:36 am | Employsure

Employers need to take any personal grievances raised by their employees as an opportunity to rectify current issues, and take steps to prevent future issues from arising in the first place. In any relationship, even a good one, sometimes a person feels they ... More >>

Employers Urged To Plan Ahead As Sick Leave Doubles

Monday, 24 May 2021, 11:53 am | Employsure

Businesses need to learn to adjust to the added cost an increase in sick leave presents them, or risk going under, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s largest workplace relations advisor. The Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill has passed ... More >>

Fair Pay Agreements Will Cause More Issues For Business Owners

Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 11:09 am | Employsure

New Zealand’s newly announced Fair Pay Agreement system will introduce increased costs for business owners, and create more issues than it hopes to solve. According to the Government, the system, which is yet to be legislated, has been created to ... More >>

Border Worker Job Losses A Reminder Most Employers Cannot Legally Require Staff To Be Vaccinated

Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 11:20 am | Employsure

Following reports several Customs workers have lost their job as a result of their decision not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Employsure, New Zealand’s leading workplace relations advisor, is reminding SMEs that in most other cases, employers ... More >>

“Employers Must Double Check Their Payroll Systems” - Minimum Wage Increases

Thursday, 1 April 2021, 11:53 am | Employsure

While the government has stated the increase to the national minimum wage will lift the incomes of almost 200,000 workers, for small businesses still recovering from the pandemic, it is another financial blow, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s ... More >>

COVID-19 Vaccinations More Important Than Ever - Employer Obligations

Monday, 1 March 2021, 11:27 am | Employsure

As Auckland once again faces another several days of Alert Level 3 COVID-19 restrictions, and the rest of the country Alert Level 2, employers are under increasing financial and emotional stress. As the vaccine starts its rollout across New Zealand, business ... More >>

New COVID-19 Alert Levels – Employers Urged To Be Vigilant

Monday, 15 February 2021, 1:13 pm | Employsure

Employers operating across the country must ensure they are aware of their obligations as Auckland moves to Alert Level 3, and the rest of New Zealand moves to Alert Level 2 for three days, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s largest workplace relations ... More >>

NZ’s Short-Term Absence Payment A Step In The Right Direction

Tuesday, 9 February 2021, 4:45 pm | Employsure

The new short-term absence payment is a welcome initiative that will take some strain off business owners doing it tough during the pandemic, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s largest workplace relations advisor. The $350 payment will allow ... More >>

Effective Christmas Shut Down Plan Can Ensure Stability For The New Year

Monday, 7 December 2020, 1:38 pm | Employsure

The weeks leading up to Christmas are crucial for businesses making up lost revenue following an unprecedented year of lockdowns and restrictions. While many may attempt to operate almost every day over the holiday period, others will shut down for several ... More >>

Planning Is Key – Election Policies To Affect All Employers

Thursday, 22 October 2020, 3:20 pm | Employsure

Employers across the country must be vigilant over the coming months as the Government implements policies that will affect workplace relations and safety, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s largest workplace relations advisor. Proposed changes ... More >>

NZ Lockdown – What Employers Need To Know

Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 5:50 pm | Employsure

Business owners in Auckland should prepare for the worst but plan for the best, following the first recorded cases of COVID-19 community transmission in more than 100 days, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s largest workplace relations advisor. ... More >>

What Employers Should Do When Dealing With Workplace Romances

Thursday, 23 July 2020, 11:10 am | Employsure

Employers should encourage disclosure and handle workplace relationships on a case-by-case basis, according to Employsure, New Zealand’s largest workplace relations advisor. Relationships in the workplace have become an especially timely issue, with employees ... More >>

“Work From Home” - What COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Means For Businesses

Monday, 20 April 2020, 6:45 pm | Employsure

Employsure is here to support business owners to comply with the restrictions under the COVID-19 alert levels. The Government last week outlined the details of what relaxing restrictions from Alert Level 4 would look like, and has now announced the ... More >>

COVID-19 Essential Workers Leave Support: What You Need To Know

Tuesday, 7 April 2020, 6:31 am | Employsure

Businesses classified as ‘essential’ are being urged to check if New Zealand’s latest coronavirus wage subsidy scheme is relevant to them, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion among their staff. Employers are now able to access a new government payment ... More >>

Business Owners Bracing For Another Hit: Minimum Wage Set To Land April 1

Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 8:59 am | Employsure

New Zealand business owners are being reminded that the minimum wage will increase from April 1. The new national adult minimum wage is being lifted to $18.90 for all employees who are 16 years of age or older. It will result in employees earning an ... More >>

New Zealand COVID-19 Lockdown: Everything Employers Need To Know

Friday, 27 March 2020, 2:42 pm | Employsure

New Zealand entered a minimum four-week government ordered lockdown as of midnight Wednesday March 25. The alert level 4 restrictions, the highest in the country’s history, means only businesses and services deemed to be essential, i.e. supermarkets, ... More >>

Staff Notice Requirements Before the Christmas Shutdown

Friday, 8 November 2019, 12:51 pm | Employsure

Are you planning to shut down your business over the Christmas and New Year period? It's never too early (or too late) to start planning. More >>

Advice for Today’s Teacher Strikes

Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 1:51 pm | Employsure


Employers Urged To Be Ready For May 6 Changes

Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 5:24 pm | Employsure

Small business owners across New Zealand are being urged to make sure they’re ready for the next round of changes to the Employment Relations Act, which come into effect next week. More >>