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Kea Behave As If The Real And Virtual Worlds Are Continuous

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 12:12 pm | University of Auckland

Kea parrots treat virtual and real-world environments as continuous and equivalent, a new study by the University of Auckland published in Biology Letters shows. To achieve this, researchers trained a group of kea at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve to ... More >>

University Of Auckland Scientist Invents Revolutionary Method Of Safeguarding Our Waterways

Thursday, 23 September 2021, 1:36 pm | University of Auckland

Safe and equitable access to clean drinking water is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century, and contributing to the solution is a University of Auckland based researcher, a winner of the 2021 Velocity Innovation Challenge, ... More >>

Kiwis quite keen on the idea of eating insects

Thursday, 23 September 2021, 9:39 am | University of Auckland

A majority of New Zealanders would be happy to try eating an insect even if they have never tasted one before, preliminary findings from a new study show. The survey from the University of Auckland of 668 New Zealanders, shows 60 per cent would be ... More >>

‘Failed’ Immunisation System Needs To Be Remade Urgently, Doctors Say

Friday, 17 September 2021, 6:03 am | University of Auckland

A Māori paediatrician and the head of the University of Auckland’s Department of Paediatrics have called for a “failed” immunisation system to be remade from the bottom up. Declines in childhood immunisation rates are leaving New Zealand children ... More >>

‘Glaring Gap’ In Health Research Affects Asian, Ethnic Minority Groups

Friday, 17 September 2021, 5:14 am | University of Auckland

Health research in Aotearoa is failing to keep up with our growing Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African populations, leaving policy makers potentially unaware of pressing issues, a University of Auckland study shows. Research is largely ... More >>

Lockdowns Double Attempted Suicides In 10-14 Year Old NZers

Thursday, 16 September 2021, 7:39 pm | University of Auckland

A study of Ministry of Health data has shown that Covid19 lockdowns significantly increased mental distress in NZ children. The study, published in the international Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, shows that attempted suicides in NZ children ... More >>

Legal expert to speak at global lecture

Thursday, 16 September 2021, 3:42 pm | University of Auckland

Kua pōhiritia a Ahorangi Tūhono Tim Kuhner o Te Kura Ture o Te Whare Wānanga o Tāmaki Makaurau e te kaiōhanga rongonui puta i te ao a Thomas Piketty, mō World Inequality Lab, ki te kōrero mō tōna pukapuka hou, Tyranny of Greed. Trump, Corruption, ... More >>

Genetic Trigger For Type-1 Diabetes May Act In The Lung, Liggins Study Shows

Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 5:45 am | University of Auckland

A major genetic trigger for type-1 diabetes may act in the lung, according to researchers at the Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland Their research suggests lung infections could trigger the onset of type-1 diabetes, the auto-immune condition ... More >>

Research To Toilet Train Cows Aims For Positive Environmental Impact

Tuesday, 14 September 2021, 5:35 am | University of Auckland

University of Auckland-affiliated researchers have successfully demonstrated that cows can be toilet trained. It’s no joke. Lindsay Matthews and Douglas Elliffe’s research with German colleagues could help reduce water contamination and greenhouse ... More >>

A treasure from ancient times, and for tomorrow

Monday, 13 September 2021, 12:59 pm | University of Auckland

From partnering with tv soap Shortland Street to a project encouraging staff to develop and share their own pepeha, the University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau, is celebrating Māori Language Week as part of its commitment to the revitalisation ... More >>

Pop-up Vaccination Centre At University Of Auckland

Monday, 13 September 2021, 6:25 am | University of Auckland

The University of Auckland worked with the Northern Region Health Coordination to set up a pop-up vaccination centre from Saturday 11 September to Tuesday 14 September to provide vaccinations to the 2,300 students and staff currently living in University ... More >>

Disabled Kea Uses Tools For Self-Care

Saturday, 11 September 2021, 5:40 am | University of Auckland

Scientists say they’ve found the first evidence of tool use by a kea for the purpose of self-care, in a new study from the University of Auckland. The study, published in Scientific Reports , uses observations of a disabled kea ( Nestor notabilis ) ... More >>

‘Smell of fear’ research awarded Ig Nobel

Friday, 10 September 2021, 10:01 am | University of Auckland

Research on how the chemicals humans emit through breathing vary in response to audio-visual stimuli has been awarded the famous scientific parody prize, the Ig Nobel. Dr Joerg Wicker from the Machine Learning Group at the University of Auckland is one of the ... More >>

MBIE funding to develop ‘electroceutical’ treatment

Friday, 10 September 2021, 8:57 am | University of Auckland

Researchers at the University of Auckland have been awarded over $1 million by MBIE’s Endeavour Fund to develop an implantable medical device that activates nerves to treat heart disease, potentially transforming cardiovascular therapies and the treatment ... More >>

We throw away less food during lockdown

Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 12:49 pm | University of Auckland

A study led by researchers from the University of Auckland sought to better understand the impact of last year’s lockdown on household food waste as part of the Covid Kai Survey, an online questionnaire assessing Kiwis’ cooking and food planning ... More >>

Using augmented reality to revisit ‘first contact’

Friday, 3 September 2021, 9:15 am | University of Auckland

Mairi Gunn, a PhD candidate in the Design Programme and the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) at the University of Auckland, has been awarded the Ria McBride Research Award in this year’s New Horizons for Women/Hine Kahukura awards. The awards were ... More >>

University of Auckland climbs world rankings

Thursday, 2 September 2021, 10:55 am | University of Auckland

The University of Auckland has continued to improve its world ranking, climbing to 137= in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, compared with 147= last year. This is the highest any university in Aotearoa New Zealand has ... More >>

Cutting-edge Festival Will Bring Together Digital Art, Technology And Virtual Experience

Friday, 27 August 2021, 7:10 am | University of Auckland

The world’s largest media arts festival is coming to Aotearoa New Zealand. From 8 to 12 September 2021, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Auckland are co-hosting Ars Electronica Garden Aotearoa , a showcase ... More >>

University experiment mimics Covid-19

Tuesday, 24 August 2021, 10:06 am | University of Auckland

An experiment running at the University of Auckland can provide near-real-time information on the likely spread of Covid-19. In the experiment, virtual - not real - viruses are spread within an Android app that members of the experiment run on their phone. ... More >>

Lockdown challenging for families

Tuesday, 17 August 2021, 9:15 am | University of Auckland

The Covid-19 lockdown placed considerable strain on families with loss of income, balancing work and childcare and social isolation just some of the challenges they faced. More >>