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Garuda Appoints GSA to Expand Australasian Markets

Monday, 26 November 2007, 4:35 pm | Garuda

Garuda Indonesia is pleased to announce the appointment of GSA Cargo Services as cargo general sales and services agent in Australia and New Zealand with effect 1 December 2007. More >>

Airline Marketing In New Zealand

Friday, 16 November 2007, 12:24 am | Garuda

Garuda Indonesia is pleased to announce the appointment of  Airline Marketing New Zealand Ltd (AMNZ) as its General Sales Agent in New Zealand from  December 1, 2007. More >>

Garuda Close To Announcing GSA In New Zealand

Tuesday, 16 October 2007, 2:20 pm | Garuda

Media release – Garuda Indonesia – October 16 2007 Garuda Close To Announcing GSA In New Zealand Garuda Indonesiawill appoint a General Sales Agent to act on their behalf in the New Zealandmarket. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with ... More >>

Garuda extends suspension of Bali flights

Thursday, 15 March 2007, 9:39 am | Garuda

Following the temporary suspension of services from Auckland to Brisbane and Bali last year, Garuda Indonesia regrets that this suspension of flights will continue beyond the 26th of March 2007 for the foreseeable future. The extended suspension ... More >>

"Bali on ANY budget" aims to lead resurgence

Friday, 26 May 2006, 2:02 pm | Garuda

As consumer confidence in Bali returns, Garuda Indonesia and Garuda Orient holidays are producing their most comprehensive ever “Bali on ANY budget” brochure. More >>

Kids Fly for Just $189 (Taxes Only!)

Wednesday, 24 May 2006, 3:08 pm | Garuda

In an unprecedented move, Garuda Indonesia has launched fare-free kids’ flights to Bali to rekindle Kiwi’s enthusiasm for “The Island of the Gods”. More >>

Bali ticket promotion to reward NZ loyalty

Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 8:57 am | Garuda

Indonesian national airline Garuda Indonesia has moved to clarify the international offer of 10,000 promotional tickets to Bali as part of a planned recovery programme for the island holiday destination. More >>

Bali Tourism Reports Draw Overwhelming Response

Friday, 21 October 2005, 1:43 pm | Garuda

Garuda Indonesia has been extremely heartened by the overwhelming response from Australians and New Zealanders to news of the airline’s offer of a large number of air tickets to assist in the restoration of Bali tourism. More >>

Garuda says “No Penalties”

Friday, 7 October 2005, 9:11 am | Garuda

Passengers booked to travel to Bali with Garuda Indonesia may reschedule, change their destination or cancel without penalty More >>

Garuda Indonesia gives Parents a Big Break

Thursday, 10 February 2005, 10:28 am | Garuda

Garuda Indonesia gives Parents a Big Break with $499 kid’s fares to Bali and extra-value ‘Family Packages’ More >>

Bali At Your Fingertips

Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 2:58 pm | Garuda

An award-winning guide to holidaying in Bali is now available in electronic form. More >>

Cooking up an exciting future for Bali

Friday, 21 November 2003, 6:24 pm | Garuda

Balinese culture and cooking unfolds new layers of delight for New Zealand visitors An Australian woman who has invested her life in advancing international understanding of the culture of Bali says visitors are beginning to appreciate that the island ... More >>

Married to Bali

Tuesday, 18 November 2003, 3:06 pm | Garuda

An Australian who has arranged the marriage ceremonies in Bali of thousands of her compatriots is wedding herself even more closely to the island’s future as the anniversary of October 12 passes. More >>

Garuda Airline Says “Thanks New Zealand”

Thursday, 6 November 2003, 8:31 am | Garuda

Garuda Indonesia celebrates 15 years in NZ by offering 15% discount on its fares throughout Asia More >>

Adventures In Paradise

Thursday, 17 July 2003, 2:50 pm | Garuda

On an island where the word ‘rush’ is contrary to the relaxed lifestyle, Bali can still provide an adrenalin rush for thrill-seeking Kiwi tourists More >>

Garuda Abolishes Fuel Surcharge

Wednesday, 30 April 2003, 9:28 am | Garuda

Garuda Indonesia’s decision to abolish fuel surcharge is further good news for Australian travellers, who can now enjoy a 6-night holiday in Bali from just $599* More >>