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Hon Simon Upton - Latest News [Page 1]

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition 15th March 2006

Wednesday, 15 March 2006, 12:01 am | Hon Simon Upton

The annual French Salon de l’Agriculture takes place amidst self-doubt and virally induced gloom; James Lovelock preaches climate apocalypse and nuclear salvation; and Simon Upton opines on a recently published report, Closing the Net, which brings ... More >>

The Absolutely Foreseeable Consequences Of MMP

Monday, 7 November 2005, 3:17 pm | Hon Simon Upton

A told-you-so commentary on the joyless world of MMP from former FPP supporter, Simon Upton ; distinguished diasporan lawyer, Jeremy Waldron , boldly suggests that academics can disagree without being rednecks; upton-on-line apologises to Dr Elizabeth Rata ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition - 2nd June 2005

Wednesday, 15 June 2005, 4:39 pm | Hon Simon Upton

The aftermath of the French referendum on the European Constitution ; and Stuart McMillan explores the NZ/Australia security relationship in an address to the NZ Institute of International Affairs. More >>

Upton-On-Line 2/6/05: French Referendum Aftermath

Friday, 3 June 2005, 11:17 am | Hon Simon Upton

In this issue: The aftermath of the French referendum on the European Constitution ; and Stuart McMillan explores the NZ/Australia security relationship in an address to the NZ Institute of International Affairs. More >>

Upton-on-line: France’s Allergic Reaction To EC

Friday, 22 April 2005, 10:50 am | Hon Simon Upton

In this issue: France discovers a new way of putting itself at the centre of Europe by threatening to derail the new European Constitution ; the Father of the Constitution, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing plans his own apotheosis ; and French farmers are given ... More >>

Upton-on-line: Special Recycled Arguments Issue

Tuesday, 29 March 2005, 12:30 am | Hon Simon Upton

In this issue: The OECD’s survey of expatriate skills sparks a predictable debate; Chris Laidlaw and Jim Hopkins adopt a novel and unpredictable way of injecting new life into the old republican cause ; and Bernard Cadogan challenges constitutional ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition - 8th February 2005

Friday, 11 February 2005, 11:31 am | Hon Simon Upton

A 100% New Zealand content issue in which upton-on-line dissects an issue of The New Zealand Herald , wonders what attempts to redesign the New Zealand flag will mean for the nation’s coat-of-arms and commends a recent report of the Parliamentary ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition: 2nd December 2004

Friday, 3 December 2004, 4:35 pm | Hon Simon Upton

The coronation of Nicolas Sarkozy; the regulatory wonderland of the French education system; language as a means of cultural transmission; and the use of science in environmental policy making – a report from the NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition - 21st October 2004

Tuesday, 26 October 2004, 10:27 am | Hon Simon Upton

In this edition: Why Turkey is and isn’t European, all at the same time; funeral anthems for the death of a philosopher – republican obsequies for Jacques Derrida ; and for dwellers on planet earth, some numbers on the potential and limitations ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition - 12th September 04

Monday, 13 September 2004, 12:05 am | Hon Simon Upton

In this edition: Paris celebrates the 60th anniversary of the French liberation of Paris ; the diplomatic triumphs and moral dilemmas of being non-aligned; taking food seriously from a cultural point of view; and excerpts from a recent paper on sustainable ... More >>

Upton-on line Diaspora Edition - 5th August 2004

Thursday, 5 August 2004, 10:15 am | Hon Simon Upton

An unaccustomedly brief summer holidays edition of upton-on-line on: French explanations of what the recent 'deal' on export subsidies for agricultural products really mean; the reasons why Turkey isn't welcome in the EU despite what governments say; biological ... More >>

Upton-On-Line: Special Issue On Nation-Building

Friday, 2 July 2004, 11:56 am | Hon Simon Upton

Judge Eddie Durie's recent comments provide the basis for an exploration of Ernest Renan's ''What is a Nation?'' (1882) and, in turn, some reflections on what sort of basis New Zealanders might want to live together; in a guest column, Bernard Cadogan ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition: 20th May 2004

Friday, 21 May 2004, 10:28 am | Hon Simon Upton

In this edition : Europe at 25 members ; the lethargy of French euro-MPs; civil baptism for republican believers; and (for seriously thoughtful subscribers) more treatyology in liberal clothes from Andrew Sharp . More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition: 6th April 2004

Tuesday, 6 April 2004, 11:25 am | Hon Simon Upton

France's regional elections as a new form of French exceptionalism, saving the world's oceans in a sea of words and lessons from New Zealand's agricultural liberalisation 15 years on. More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition - 11th Feb. 2004

Thursday, 11 March 2004, 1:09 pm | Hon Simon Upton

After a sustained dose of Michael King , upton-on-line renews his call for a reappraisal of the way history is taught in New Zealand; and a note on whether France's system of Appellations Controllées is a blow for quality, tradition and ecological sanctity ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition – Feb. 9th 2004

Monday, 9 February 2004, 11:18 am | Hon Simon Upton

Alain Juppé stars as a martyr in his very own political drama, more on the veil, and three books reviewed from the burgeoning academic industry in analysing health reforms. More >>

Upton-on-line: Special Christmas Veils Issue

Wednesday, 24 December 2003, 11:05 am | Hon Simon Upton

The festive season leads upton-on-line to focus on two sorts of veils (utterly unconnected except by name); the de-veiling of Moslem France and the problem of illegal fishing behind the the veil of flag state sovereignty. But before that, some reflections ... More >>

Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition: 25th Nov. 2003

Monday, 1 December 2003, 11:29 am | Hon Simon Upton

In the French Corner, we have exciting new ideological convulsions amidst France's extensive array of extreme left parties, plus some extra-terrestrial ambitions on the part of the alter-mondialistes ; back in the world of Treatyology, we discover ... More >>

Upton-On-Line: Issue On Constitution-Building

Thursday, 16 October 2003, 11:32 am | Hon Simon Upton

Some thoughts about the proposed European Constitution; some further thoughts about the axing of appeals from New Zealand to the Privy Council; some even further reflections on referenda and whether minorities have the right to secede in the face of majority ... More >>

Upton-on-line: Special Trade & Environment Issue

Friday, 19 September 2003, 1:38 pm | Hon Simon Upton

A lengthy rumination about just what Europeans might (and then again might not) be on about when they raise environmental issues in the context of trade liberalisation; but first, some notes on the fall-out from France's summer heatwave. More >>





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