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Howard's End: Academia Muzzled By Commerce

Monday, 19 March 2001, 9:48 am | John Howard

Forcing universities to go cap in hand to industry and wealthy individuals for money is preventing academics from sharing research and speaking out, a new Australian report reveals. Academics are being muzzled by commerce, John Howard writes. More >>

Howard's End: Complacency Will See Dire Results

Wednesday, 14 March 2001, 11:54 am | John Howard

Australia, Japan, and the United States, some of our biggest customers, are facing recession so Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash, has lowered the Official Cash Rate by 0.25 percent mainly because of easing inflation pressures. John Howard writes. More >>

Howard's End: West Coast Whopper Combo

Tuesday, 13 March 2001, 3:49 pm | John Howard

Making ends meet is not getting any easier with the annual increase in food prices, the highest since July 1990, showing an almost six percent increase on last year. Here is our family recipe for a double-double hamburger which kid's seem to love ... More >>

Howard's End: Cell Phone Towers Make You Unhappy

Monday, 12 March 2001, 9:59 am | John Howard

In a landmark decision the British Government Planning Inspectorate last week rejected an application for a cell phone mast in a residential area on health grounds. John Howard writes. More >>

Howard's End: Hogwild In Westland

Friday, 9 March 2001, 11:57 am | John Howard

Renowned for wild "foods" like bulls balls, worm slammers, Westcargo snails, steamed huhu grubs, stags breath and whitebait, Hokitika looks set to break all attendance records this weekend as it holds its 12th annual Wildfood's Festival. John Howard ... More >>

Howard's End: What Is Shell Oil Really Up To?

Thursday, 8 March 2001, 5:17 pm | John Howard

What's going on? Shell Oil appears to be on a global buying spree for oil and natural gas resources following its successful bid for New Zealand's Fletcher Challenge. Shell has now made a hostile US$1.8 billion bid for the US company Barrett Resources ... More >>

Howard's End: Bioterrorism A Real Threat

Wednesday, 7 March 2001, 11:55 am | John Howard

While the Government now prepares to spend several million dollars tightening border controls following the British outbreak of foot and mouth disease, the threat of an attack from bioterrorists is as real today as an earthquake threat. John Howard ... More >>

Howard's End: Trans-Tasman Private Prison Problems

Monday, 5 March 2001, 2:34 pm | John Howard

Australasian Correctional Management, the company which runs the Auckland Central Remand Centre is now involved in investigating allegations of assault and intimidation against its staff. Meanwhile across the ditch the same company has been slammed by ... More >>

Howard's End: One Size Does Not fit All

Monday, 5 March 2001, 9:26 am | John Howard

In the face of the biggest crisis for agriculture coming from the outbreaks of BSE and foot and mouth disease, the European Commissioner for Agriculture has admitted publicly for the first time that its Common Agricultural Policy, founded in 1962, ... More >>

Howard's End: Britain's Awful Luck

Friday, 2 March 2001, 10:35 am | John Howard

Britons and Europeans are starting to ask that they've done to offend the heavens as a catalogue of dire warnings and a plague of Biblical proportions seems to have descended upon them. I'm glad I live in paradise. John Howard writes. More >>

Howard's End: Character Counts

Monday, 26 February 2001, 9:59 am | John Howard

MP's alleged to be involved in rorts, public servants taking bribes, the stock exchange altering the rules, violent crime doubling in the last decade, these are just some examples of the New Zealand disease. Where have all the role models gone? John Howard ... More >>

Burping Cows Will Be A Political Issue

Friday, 23 February 2001, 3:36 pm | John Howard

The typical cow belches 280 litres of methane gas a day, which is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in greenhouse gas emissions, according to an Australian CSIRO study. A cow-burp tax might help solve the problem. John Howard reports. More >>

Howard's End: The Ancient Laws Protecting Prebble

Friday, 23 February 2001, 10:24 am | John Howard

Richard Prebble said on the Holmes Show last night that he planned to use the 1688 English Bill of Rights over his right to Parliamentary free speech about NZ Post's business plan for the new bank. So what does the 1688 document actually say? John ... More >>

Howard's End: Taking Control Of Our Wealth

Wednesday, 21 February 2001, 2:51 pm | John Howard

Either modern-day Kiwi's are as thick as two short planks or they've lost their institutional memory. Remember the State Advances Corporation fixed mortgages which gave a whole heap of New Zealanders a hand-up? John Howard writes. More >>

Race Is On For Self Healing Building Materials

Monday, 19 February 2001, 9:26 am | John Howard

Imagine if a crack in things such as a bridge support or an aircraft could self-repair itself much the same way as our own skin does. The race is on in scientific circles to develop a material to do just that. John Howard reports. More >>

Howard's End: Say Something, Be Something

Sunday, 18 February 2001, 1:43 pm | John Howard

When the courts deal, as ours do, with great public questions, the only protection against unwise decisions, and even judicial usurpation, is careful scrutiny of their actions and fearless comment upon it. Judicial and political criticism of the public ... More >>

A Fern With A Fondness For Gobbling Up Poison

Friday, 16 February 2001, 2:22 pm | John Howard

With dioxins and other poison wastes recently highlighted in New Zealand US scientists report they have come across a fern that sucks up arsenic from contaminated soil. John Howard reports. More >>

Howard's End: UN Goals Apply To NZ Rural Poor

Thursday, 15 February 2001, 12:37 am | John Howard

UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, is concerned that rural poverty threatens the UN's commitments and is calling for a greater effort particularly over disadvantages stemming from remoteness, insecure and unproductive jobs, and lack of high quality ... More >>

Howard's End: Human Genome Map Not Enough

Tuesday, 13 February 2001, 1:31 pm | John Howard

If you believe that each human being in the world is nothing more than a giant chemistry set then you'll likely fall for all the hype being generated about the human genome "book of life" discoveries. John Howard writes. More >>

Scoop Images: John Howard’s Westland World

Tuesday, 13 February 2001, 12:00 am | John Howard

Scoop columnist John Howard is often emailed by readers curious about where he lives. Here is some of the scenery from Howard's World in Westland. More >>