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Howard's End: Rural Special Economic Zones

Monday, 12 February 2001, 9:49 am | John Howard

The Government's extra 10,000 migrants with special skills and $474 million for Research and Development are being applauded by many. But where is the research money and the migrants likely to go? It's time to create Special Economic Zones for rural areas. ... More >>

Howard's End: Watching The Ruskies

Friday, 9 February 2001, 1:49 pm | John Howard

Former United States Ku-Klux Klan leader David Duke, author of the book " Ultimate Supremacism: An Examination of the Jewish Question," hopes to settle in Russia and is openly marketing his book there to extreme nationalists. This is just one ... More >>

Howard's End: Surprises Up Sharon’s Sleeve

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 9:33 am | John Howard

Western political leaders and the media have adopted a cautious wait-and-see stance over the future of Middle East peace negotiations following the election of Ariel Sharon as Israel's new Prime Minister. But how will he "preserve Israel's existence ... More >>

Howard's End: Temptation Island Lacks Sizzle

Wednesday, 7 February 2001, 8:56 am | John Howard

Temptation Island, Fox TV's hyped-up reality series, which aired on TV3 Monday night, has proved to be a lot of bacon with little sizzle. And one contestant couple already had a child. John Howard writes. More >>

BBC Finds “Lost World” On West Coast

Wednesday, 7 February 2001, 12:43 am | John Howard

New Zealand is set to receive another international boost as BBC cameras start rolling on the West Coast on February 17 for a feature film of Arthur Conan Doyles "The Lost World" John Howard reports. More >>

Howard's End: Giving The Government Ears

Monday, 5 February 2001, 9:36 am | John Howard

Hundreds of thousands of working Australians are going without meals, do not take holidays, cannot afford their own home, buy second-hand clothes and struggle to pay bills, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. What about NZ? John Howard ... More >>

Howard's End: We Are Not All The Same

Friday, 2 February 2001, 12:14 am | John Howard

The echo of protests from Seattle to Prague and now Davos over globalisation has prompted some Scoop readers to ask in their recent emails; what is the definition of globalisation, or is there one? John Howard tries to answer. More >>

Howard’s End: Qantas Lost On A Sticky Wicket

Thursday, 1 February 2001, 11:42 am | John Howard

Today's news that Qantas has decided against Auckland in favour of Brisbane to establish its Boeing 767 maintenance base comes as a shock. But was Auckland competing on a level playing field, was it provided fair chance and fair opportunity and could Auckland ... More >>

Howard's End: Killing Children In Godzone

Tuesday, 30 January 2001, 11:56 am | John Howard

If Steve Maharey is right that there have been an average of 7 child homicides a year over the last 30 years, then that makes New Zealand bigger killers of children than the UK and the whole of Europe over the same period. John Howard writes. More >>

Bad US Beef Ends Up In Siberia

Monday, 29 January 2001, 11:37 am | John Howard

Russia is claiming today that two tonnes of beef with signs of BSE mad cow disease has found its way to Magadan, East Siberia, by way of France and the United States. John Howard reports. More >>

Howard's End: Foraging For BSE Free Alternatives

Monday, 29 January 2001, 10:15 am | John Howard

Following the BSE mad cow scare in Europe, Germans are panicking over meat alternatives as first beef, then sausage, and now pork, is off the menu after officials discovered last week that millions of Bavarian pigs have for years been fattened with the help ... More >>

Howard's End: Maori And Pakeha History Parallels

Friday, 26 January 2001, 12:57 am | John Howard

If pakeha New Zealander's took the time to learn their own history and what happened to their ancestors, they might better understand where Maori are coming from and the Waitangi Day celebrations might not be the fiasco that it has become. John Howard ... More >>

Howard's End: A Recipe For Koi Carp

Thursday, 25 January 2001, 8:46 am | John Howard

The Holmes Show last night carried a story about how koi carp, an introduced fish species, were seen by our Department of Conservation as such a pest that they were described as the possum of the waterways. So why aren't we selling or even giving ... More >>

Howard's End: Turn Up The Volume On Poverty

Wednesday, 24 January 2001, 10:29 am | John Howard

Steve Maharey's announcement that Government is working on ways to measure the extent of poverty in New Zealand is a wake-up call for the country. Findings from similar surveys announced yesterday in South Australia, shocked that state. We need to turn ... More >>

Howard's End: Do We Truly Have Democracy?

Tuesday, 23 January 2001, 8:33 am | John Howard

Why should lobbyist's who represent for-profit entities and trade associations have privileged access to politicians and Ministers while the rest of us have to organise petitions or make formal submissions to legislation to have our voice heard? John ... More >>

Court Opens Way To Charge Utility Co. Rates

Thursday, 18 January 2001, 11:22 am | John Howard

Following a landmark Federal Court decision in Australia, which could have ramifications here, private utility companies are about to be charged council rates for using public land to run things like cables. John Howard reports More >>

Howard's End: Drug Hysteria Misguided

Tuesday, 16 January 2001, 12:58 am | John Howard

The illicit drugs trade is conservatively estimated to bring in around $700 billion in profits to the global criminal fraternity each year with many of our young adults falling victim to drugs and alcohol. But I lived through the turbulent 60's and we ... More >>

Howard's End: Millennium Genetic Advances

Monday, 15 January 2001, 8:53 am | John Howard

Just as year 2000 ended there was amazing news reported in the Chinese People's Daily newspaper, that their scientists have successfully genetically altered plants, including wheat, rice and oil crops, so they will grow using saltwater and in saline soil. ... More >>

Howard’s End: Santa Considering Moving To Godzone

Thursday, 28 December 2000, 4:15 pm | John Howard

In a shock announcement, a source close to Santa Claus has revealed because of global warming at his traditional North Pole home in the Arctic, Santa is considering an alternative magic kingdom in New Zealand. John Howard writes. More >>

US Stocks Tumbling

Thursday, 21 December 2000, 11:22 am | John Howard

US stocks are sliding dramatically on fears of a harsh economic slowdown, continued weakness and disappointment that the Federal Reserve declined to lower interest rates yesterday. More >>