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What Is Screen Monitoring, And How Does It Help Productivity?

Monday, 1 August 2022, 11:49 am | Monitask

Ever since remote work became a staple of how modern companies function, managers have needed to find ways of effectively managing their remote staff. This need for remote management solutions has led to an exponential rise in the use of screen monitoring ... More >>

Employee Attendance Tracking – One Of The Best Ways To Boost Team Morale

Wednesday, 20 July 2022, 8:36 am | Monitask

No one likes working on a team where someone isn’t pulling their weight. Employee perceptions – whether real or imagined – that management isn’t effectively preventing staff members from abusing flexitime or monitoring absenteeism can lead ... More >>

How To Get Remote Workers On Board With Productivity Monitoring

Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 5:12 pm | Monitask

Monitoring remote employees’ activities during work hours has garnered a particularly bad wrap in recent years. This is because many employees view the use of monitoring software as an invasion of privacy or equivalent to micromanaging. By all accounts, ... More >>