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Munch Food Awards 2018 - Winner Announcement

Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 1:33 pm | Munch Awards

The results are in and we are exited to announce this year's winners (and losers). The purpose of the Munch Food Awards is to raise awareness of the good and the bad of the kid’s food industry. They are a way for us all to help in the fight against ... More >>

Munch Food Awards 2016

Tuesday, 6 December 2016, 1:54 pm | Munch Awards

We are delighted to announce the winners (and losers) in the Munch Food Awards 2016. The Munch Food Awards raise awareness about kids food marketing and products and allow parents to give players in this industry some feedback. More >>

Munch Food Awards 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016, 1:19 pm | Munch Awards

The Munch Food Awards are back with a little bit of innovation in the mix this year. More >>

Munch Food Awards 2015

Thursday, 10 December 2015, 9:43 am | Munch Awards

The people have spoken, and we now know who they think are the goodies and baddies of the kids food industry. We had votes from all over the country, from Australia and around the globe. The results have now been tallied and we are excited to tell ... More >>

Munch Food Awards 2015

Tuesday, 13 October 2015, 11:57 am | Munch Awards

The Munch Food Awards are back! With the success of the 2013 and the 2014 we are very excited about the Munch Food Awards 2015. More >>

Goodies And Baddies of Kids Food Industry 2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014, 4:45 pm | Munch Awards

Weetbix TRYalthlon wins the new Supreme Award decided by our panel of judges and voted by the people as the winner in the Best Kids Food Marketing Campaign. More >>

Who are the ‘goodies’ and ‘badies’ of the kids food industry

Monday, 6 October 2014, 2:22 pm | Munch Awards

The Awards were launched last year and was very successful. More >>

The Goodies and the Baddies of the Kids Food Industry

Friday, 1 November 2013, 3:24 pm | Munch Awards

McDonalds and Coca Cola are the baddies, Weetbix and All good bananas are the goodies, in the first 2013 Munch Awards. McDonalds received some tough news to swallow today as it was named as having one of New Zealand’s Worst kids food marketing campaign. More >>