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First-of-a-kind Partnership To Deliver World-class Training For School Boards

Tuesday, 12 April 2022, 5:10 pm | NZSTA

World-class online training is set to be rolled out for the 17,000-plus school board members in Aotearoa under an Open Polytechnic/NZ School Trustees Association (NZSTA) partnership for innovation. “Through the power of partnership, and the combined ... More >>

New Zealand Speech-language Therapy Awareness Week Of Connection September 27 - October 3 2021

Tuesday, 21 September 2021, 3:16 pm | NZSTA

This year’s theme for NZSTA Awareness week 2021 is Rangatiratanga , which is one of our core values. Rangatiratanga is associated with sovereignty, leadership, autonomy to make decisions, and self-determination. The word Rangatiratanga was used in article ... More >>

Budget 2021: No Silver Bullet, But A Good Start To Creating A Climate For Success

Friday, 21 May 2021, 10:36 am | NZSTA

School boards around the country will be gratified to know that many more of their students are having their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing met by the time Budget 2021 initiatives are implemented. The increased support for student wellbeing ... More >>

Education Transformation Has Been A Long Time Coming

Thursday, 23 July 2020, 3:25 pm | NZSTA

The system update contained in the Education and Training Act 2019 has been a long time coming. The New Zealand School Trustees Association is welcoming news that the new legislation has passed its third reading as schools around the country observe ... More >>

School Trustees Association Enthusiastic About Refreshed Māori Education Strategy

Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 10:40 am | NZSTA

A refreshed and re-energised Māori education strategy is launching at the perfect time for schools to work it into their post-lockdown planning and evaluation, says the New Zealand School Trustees Association. "Supporting the kaupapa of Māori ... More >>

Trustees Association outraged by Judge’s ruling

Friday, 25 October 2019, 2:49 pm | NZSTA

The New Zealand School Trustees Association is perplexed and outraged by a Tokoroa District Court Judge’s ruling that a North Island high school will be sentences "…to prepare and present a safety presentation at the National Conference of the ... More >>

Press pause and give 400,000 Kiwis time to speak

Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 11:02 am | NZSTA

Kiwis are being encouraged to support the 400,000 people in New Zealand who have a communication disability, in a week-long campaign by the NZ Speech Language Therapy Association (NZSTA), called “Press Pause, Please Give Me Time To Talk”. With ... More >>

Child Wellbeing Strategy a turning point

Friday, 30 August 2019, 2:04 pm | NZSTA

The School Trustees Association is excited about the Child Wellbeing Strategy released yesterday by the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Minister for Children Tracey Martin. More >>

Welcome to our new CEO Elise Adams

Friday, 2 August 2019, 2:36 pm | NZSTA

NZSTA is delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Elise Adams as Chief Executive of the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA). Lorraine Kerr, President of NZSTA, said "I am very pleased to appoint Mrs Adams to this critical role ... More >>

Real transformation takes time

Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 4:01 pm | NZSTA

With time over the long weekend to reflect on Budget 2019, NZSTA is convinced that this Budget is genuinely transformative. More >>

Tomorrow’s Schools review v Budget 2019 - what needs fixing

Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 4:00 pm | NZSTA

Budget 2019’s priorities for education include several key areas that NZSTA and other stakeholder groups have expressed concern about: the cost to parents of a supposedly ‘free’ state education, the shortfall in resources to cater to disability and ... More >>

Passionate about making a difference

Monday, 20 May 2019, 8:41 am | NZSTA

Having all four of her children attend Maidstone Intermediate, Heather was interested in understanding how their school was run. "I wanted to give back to the schools that my children had been at, and I wanted to meet new people. I wanted to be involved, ... More >>

Giving back to your community

Sunday, 19 May 2019, 10:24 am | NZSTA

Giving back to his community was something Tony Scott is passionate about. When he was asked by the Owhata school principal if he was interested in becoming a trustee, Tony agreed. More >>

Becoming a school trustee for all children

Saturday, 18 May 2019, 11:41 am | NZSTA

Frian had a long-term involvement with the local school that her children attend. When it came to school trustee elections back in 2016 she was encouraged by friends who are parents of children attending the school to join. More >>

Give it a go, become a school trustee

Friday, 17 May 2019, 9:19 am | NZSTA

Twenty-one years as a trustee on Salisbury school board and Peter says the experience has been a real mixture but very rewarding. More >>

Getting involved in my kids’ education

Thursday, 16 May 2019, 5:03 pm | NZSTA

Amanda Neil wanted to get involved in her children’s school and in her community. When the opportunity presented itself, Amanda didn’t hesitate to put her hand up to be a trustee on her kids’ school board. More >>

Free state education a step closer with NCEA changes

Monday, 13 May 2019, 4:17 pm | NZSTA

The kiwi ideal of free state education is a step closer with the announcement that NCEA will be free of charge to students, while the overall emphasis on making NCEA more accessible and easier to understand, begins to place students back at the centre ... More >>

Education Workforce Advisory Group needs to deliver

Thursday, 2 May 2019, 2:08 pm | NZSTA

The sector working group announced by Minister Hipkins this morning has been given a hugely important job to do with a tight timeline. It’s a challenge, but it’s definitely do-able according to NZSTA President and working group member, Lorraine ... More >>

Support boards of trustees, don’t replace them

Monday, 8 April 2019, 9:06 am | NZSTA

School governance in New Zealand is not broken. School boards of trustees have been the most cost-effective part of the education system for the past 30 years, in spite of the lack of adequate support for the role over most of that period. Self-governance ... More >>

How to support parents or caregivers in sensitive situations

Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 3:18 pm | NZSTA

Jude Barback’s article (Education Central, 16 Jan) has raised a considerable range of challenges on the interactions across the education system and the roles of parents, teachers, principals, boards, the Ministry and other agencies. More >>