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Closer Economic Relations (CER) is put on notice

Wednesday, 27 October 2004, 8:23 am | NZ Health Trust

Simon Mortlock Partners & New Zealand Health Trust Speech to the 14th National Health Summit, Sydney 26 October 2004 More >>

Just how close should Australia & NZ be?

Tuesday, 26 October 2004, 4:03 pm | NZ Health Trust

Both the New Zealand and Australian governments will face a public backlash, if they continue to ‘merge by stealth’ without the express approval of the public, says a leading New Zealand lawyer. More >>

Another Blow for Trans Tasman Agency

Friday, 18 June 2004, 5:09 pm | NZ Health Trust

The Government’s proposal to regulate all natural health products and drugs through a joint Trans Tasman Agency took another body blow today, with the release of a second damming Select Committee report. More >>

Trans-Tasman Treaty will cost jobs

Thursday, 1 April 2004, 3:50 pm | NZ Health Trust

Consumers and the economy will pay a heavy price for the Government’s insistence on a Trans Tasman regulatory system for Natural Health Products, according to a report by Ministry of Health officials released this week. More >>

Window-dressing on Natural Health Product Treaty

Tuesday, 2 March 2004, 11:31 am | NZ Health Trust

The Government has responded to last year’s damning Health Select Committee report, which slated plans for a joint Trans Tasman regulator for natural health products (dietary supplements). More >>

Supplements sector kicked in the guts by Minister

Thursday, 4 December 2003, 4:35 pm | NZ Health Trust

The dietary supplement sector is reeling after news that the Minister of Health had sidelined the Health Select Committee and given control of the industry away to a largely Australian government agency. More >>

Critical Dietary Supplements report due soon

Wednesday, 3 December 2003, 5:01 pm | NZ Health Trust

The influential Health Select Committee is expected to shortly release its findings into a plan to harmonise the rules governing dietary supplements between New Zealand and Australia. More >>

Firms Will Suffer Under Trans Tasman Regime

Wednesday, 14 May 2003, 11:06 am | NZ Health Trust

In reports presented to the Health Select Committee today, two leading economists agree that New Zealand complimentary medicine firms will suffer if Government goes ahead with a joint Trans Tasman regulatory regime. More >>