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Correctives: Poppetry of the Penis

Friday, 24 May 2002, 11:32 am | The Corrective Party

"Well, I've been to see Poppetry of the PeNiS and I was really rather disappointed. Now, all New Zealanders know that Australian men like to talk up their (ahem) "little friend" ...but have you noticed that there is a big screen out the back??" ... More >>

Shameful Naked Avians Exposed In Israel!!!

Friday, 24 May 2002, 9:43 am | The Corrective Party

"Nude chickens are exposing themselves for all to see in Israel!!! Shameful, disgusting, lewd and vile!!! These creatures may expose vulnerable and disturbed people to carnal appetites for their pulsating, pink flesh. Stop it, stop it, we ... More >>

Mad Aucklandian Prebbo Savages Kiwi Canine Icon!!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2002, 2:32 pm | The Corrective Party

"The ARF leader has gone too far this time!!! We have just received a heartbroken media report from heart- broken cartoonist Murray Balls stating that a certain mad dog was responsible for the death of his beloved little black and white mongrel!!! More >>

Correctives: Bare-Bottomed Beagles

Thursday, 9 May 2002, 12:48 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party wishes to complain about lewd and shameful turns in advertising. While I agree about the importance of biosecurity to our nation, was it really necessary to have (gasp)a bare-bottomed beagle clad only in a waistcoat and spectacles promoting ... More >>

Spacechickens Invade From Wayward Hot Jupiter!!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2002, 11:45 am | The Corrective Party

"Alien spacechickens took over a NASA space shuttle and plan to dominate our planet, forcing us to our knees to participate in acts of alien bondage!!!" Sister Malodora, Corrective Party leader, exclaimed today. More >>

Correctives: Zero Fashion Atrocity Policy!!!

Friday, 3 May 2002, 9:32 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party is now launching a Zero Fashion Atrocity policy. Many people report that they are traumatised by the sorry fashion choices of past decades. Under our Zero Fashion Atrocity policy, flares, platform shoes, afros, mullet hair ... More >>

Correctives: Baste Me Advert Ban Deplored

Friday, 19 April 2002, 9:23 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party deplores the killjoy advertising ban on "Baste Me," the ecstatic turkey who vocally invites stuffing. Not to mention "Visitor Cue," the experimental movie about waiting in line for a long time, which captures the ... More >>

Correctives: Party Lists to One Side!!!

Thursday, 11 April 2002, 10:42 am | The Corrective Party

"Arrghhh!!!" said Sister Sadista RIP as a ton of garlic fell on her, she melted away, and took Sister Psychotica with her. More >>

Correctives: Party Lists To One Side!!!

Thursday, 11 April 2002, 10:38 am | The Corrective Party

"Arrghhh!!!" said Sister Sadista RIP as a ton of garlic fell on her, she melted away, and took Sister Psychotica with her. More >>

Correctives: Zombies Have a Right to Food

Tuesday, 9 April 2002, 2:51 pm | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party wishes to announce that it still upholds the right to food of the undead. So what if they lack irrelevant attributes like a heartbeat or a pulse? They still look like us, give or take a loose body part or two." Sister ... More >>

Correctives: Party Does The Splits!!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2002, 9:51 am | The Corrective Party

"We've had enough of this ridiculous Holmesophilia, and as for appointing a Penguin as an electoral candidate, phahhh!!!" said Sister Ermintrude Sadista SM, returning from the dead to take back control of the Corrective Party. More >>

Correctives: Baste Me, Moaned the Saucy Turkey!!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2002, 3:51 pm | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party is not surprised that the Christian Haemorrhoids and Society for Prohibition of Capon Slaughterers object to "Baste Me," an advertising campaign that features self-basting poultry!!!" said Sister Linziapogee, ... More >>

Hah! Our Penguin Candidate Gambit is Working!!!

Thursday, 28 March 2002, 1:53 pm | The Corrective Party

"Hrrkkk hhhrrrkk hrrrkkk arrrq queeg!!!" gloated Tripitaka Adelie-Penguin today, as the Corrective Party spokescreature for Antarctic Affairs today gloated over recent discoveries about her subspecies DNA. More >>

Correctives: Chocolust!!!

Thursday, 21 March 2002, 3:51 pm | The Corrective Party

In an outrageous move, selective moralising groups completely ignored a lewd Cadbury advert that advocated bottom-wiggling in front of chocophile sharks after the Society to Outlaw Prurience, Indelicacy and Titillation objected to its public screening. More >>

Correctives: "Futurama" Anti-Penguinism!!!

Monday, 11 March 2002, 2:04 pm | The Corrective Party

"We deplore this so-called cartoon anti-penguinism!!!" complained Sister Hydroponica, Corrective Party Aggro spokesnun, translating for Tripitaka Adelie-Penguin, Corrective spokescreature for Antarctic Affairs. More >>

Correctives: Stop ARF Tick Infestation!!!

Thursday, 7 March 2002, 10:37 am | The Corrective Party

The sister was referring to an ARF campaign to get more ticks. She concluded that ARF was deliberately trying to attract these irritating arthropods to increase the party's profile as an obnoxious pest. More >>

Rancid ARF Saveloy Linked to Homophobic Listeria

Friday, 1 March 2002, 12:26 am | The Corrective Party

"Ugh!!! Parliament should have far better food handling and disposal standards!!!" Sister Hydroponica, Corrective Party Aggro Nun, was commenting on the fact that a rabid saveloy on the ARF benches had inspired an attack of homophobic and racist ... More >>

Correctives: Penguin Refugee Skiboarder Incident

Thursday, 28 February 2002, 9:30 am | The Corrective Party

"Queeg ptarrrk waaak!" Tripitaka Adelie-Penguin was commenting about skiboarding penguins on Mt.Cook this week. The penguins are refugees from Antarctican global warming, and Ms. Penguin apologised for the collision with a potato chips advert ... More >>

Cantabrianic Crusade Against Octagonal Infidel

Thursday, 21 February 2002, 12:10 am | The Corrective Party

Sister Cantabrigansis, Little Sister of the Holy Red and Black Inquisition, expressed her outrage at Auckish slurs against the noble sons and daughters of the Blessed Province of Canterbury from Nationill leader Ill Dingbat: More >>

Correctives: Stop Slandering Feminist Witches!!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2002, 7:21 pm | The Corrective Party

"There's nothing wrong with feminist witches, Mr Frankenfood!!! And why they should engage in hunts for prawns on the Internet when most of the ones I meet at the organic dairy on the corner are vegetarians is quite beyond me!!!" said ... More >>