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Radical Penguin Advocate Selected In Southland

Tuesday, 19 February 2002, 1:54 pm | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party is standing Tripitaka Adelie- Penguin as the candidate for Southland-Clutha," announced Sister Malodora, Matrix Dominatrix of the Correctives today. More >>

Sister Scandalised By Botty Shop Buttockery!!!

Thursday, 14 February 2002, 3:26 pm | The Corrective Party

"Sister Hydroponica, our Aggro Nun, was out buying nutritious organic food for the St. Bondificia SM Nun convent when...she saw "It!!!" Sister Malodora quivered with [anticipation] indignation. More >>

Correctives: Haemorrhoids Threaten Hunky Holmes!!!

Monday, 11 February 2002, 10:05 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party have discovered a foul plot to replace small but perfectly formed studmuffin broadcaster Paul Holmes with a GM sheep!!!" warned Sister Malodora today. More >>

Correctives: War on Transvestitism: Ban Scotland!!

Thursday, 7 February 2002, 2:27 pm | The Corrective Party

New Zealand faces the greatest threat to its existence ever since we were chased around by all of those "corporate transvestites" in the eighties!!! As is usual with offcentre- right groups, we've decided to blame someone else for everything. More >>

Bias Against Dominant Women In Politics!!!

Friday, 1 February 2002, 10:23 am | The Corrective Party

"Jenny Shipley was a dominant woman in New Zealand politics and we deplore the accusation that just because a woman is into horsewhipping recalcitrant caucus members, she had to go!!!" Sister Palpitatia said today, shortly before she was overthrown ... More >>

ARF and Sinister Genetic Muttification Plans

Tuesday, 29 January 2002, 3:15 pm | The Corrective Party

"ARF New Zealand has made its ultimate objectives clear!!! By condoning the insertion of animal genes into humans, they intend to create a viciously stupid group of populist Preb-Bull Terrier voters!!! This sordid plan must be stopped!!!" ... More >>

Stop Cinematic Violence Against the Undead!!!

Friday, 25 January 2002, 10:08 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party is shocked at the lionisation of Peter Jackson, whose "Braindead" movie is nothing but a paean of discrimination against the undead!!!" said Sister Palpitatia today. More >>

Phillip Buttock And His Immigration Policies

Thursday, 24 January 2002, 9:46 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party is appalled at the antics of Phillip Buttock, the Australian anti-immigration minister!!! We have nothing against religious and ethnic minorities at all- in fact, we quite like the sound of the burly Zen nuns who throttle their ... More >>

Correctives: Nunifesto 2002 Policy Release!!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2002, 11:53 am | The Corrective Party

Spanking can be a valuable disciplinary tool if it is administered appropriately. It is essential to always balance firmness with loving sensitivity. Indeed, spanking is not appropriate at every age, and may even be enjoyed by some burly thirty year ... More >>

Correctives: Amend The Dog Control Laws Now!!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2002, 11:38 am | The Corrective Party

"Mad Aucklandian Prebbos are a thorny problem for the good inhabitants of Wellington Central. These demented creatures chase Maori MPs, constantly bark up the wrong tree, and have led to large numbers of Wellington streets labelled as Preb-Free Zones." More >>

Evil Frankenporker Scheme Must Be Stopped!!!

Friday, 11 January 2002, 9:35 am | The Corrective Party

"No wonder the parties of the right want open slobber on genetic modification!!! With the announcement of GM pigs, their whole sinister plot has been revealed in all its scandalous nudity!!!" said Sister Hydroponica, Aggro spokesnun of the ... More >>

Correctives: Lewd Lyes!!!

Sunday, 6 January 2002, 6:52 pm | The Corrective Party

"Stop it, stop it!!! Carnal cavorting circles should not make orgasmic noises!!! Why didn't the Office of Film and Literature Condemnation give Len Lye's "Colour Cry" (1938) an appropriate classification?" said Sister Palpitatia of the ... More >>

Correctives: Stop Implanting Perversions!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2001, 7:27 pm | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party is disappointed that the government will not be repealing Section 59 of the Crimes Act, particularly as our proposed Section 59 (sm) replacement legislation would have reserved spanking for those able to consent to, and properly ... More >>

Correctives: Haemorrhoid Impotence Welcome News!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2001, 4:09 pm | The Corrective Party

"We are happy that the government is listening to the Corrective Party, and doing something about the terrible problem emanating from annoying Capons that breed incessantly and run around squawking and degrading the environment!!!" said ... More >>

Correctives: Australia Re-Elects A Demonic Dwarf!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2001, 9:29 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party was horrified to see that Australia chose to disregard divine sanctions against dwarves in politics. Their economy is paying the price for their defiance of heavenly- sanctioned sizism." Sister Palpitatia BD said today. More >>

Capons and Genetic Modification Shock!!!

Thursday, 1 November 2001, 4:03 pm | The Corrective Party

"Graham Capon has a sinister hidden agenda in his benign pronouncements on genetic modification. The Corrective Party has long warned about the effects of old turkeys in New Zealand politics. We consider his latest cluckings to be part of a conspiracy ... More >>

Correctives: Bert - The Enema Within!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2001, 9:58 am | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party wishes to ask what must be done against Bert, the muppet manifestation of evil!!!" Sister Paedophobia, Second Childhood spokesnun asked this morning. More >>

Nudesboy Flaunts it On Lewd TV Advert!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2001, 6:37 pm | The Corrective Party

"I was deeply shocked to see Jeremy Nudesboy luxuriating in the shower when he was the subject of an intrusion by the saturnine, leering expression of Micro Havoc!!!" More >>

Correctives: Stop GM Capon Attacks on Gay Actors!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2001, 4:16 pm | The Corrective Party

"The Corrective Party deplores the recent threat of a certain hydrophobic Capon to emit unseemly squawks and attempt to pester gay actors in Wellington soon." Sister Herbivorous, Enviro-Spokesnun for the Corrective Party states today. More >>

Correctives: Mass Naked Australian Outbreaks!!!

Monday, 24 September 2001, 9:38 am | The Corrective Party

"We are shocked, horrified, appalled, spindled, folded and stapled!!!" replied Sister Palpitatia, spokesnun for the Corective Party when she heard about mass outbreaks of nudity related to the Melbourne Fringe Festival. More >>