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Calls For Legal Action Following Death In Custody

Monday, 11 December 2000, 11:11 am | Tom Rodwell

The lawyer of 19-year-old Shannon Leonard, who hanged himself in Mt Eden prison on 3rd December, said at a public meeting on Saturday that the time had come to ask whether the conditions in the prison were a violation of human rights. More >>

NZ Herald

Thursday, 7 December 2000, 4:27 pm | Tom Rodwell

Dealers holding soggy imports - Bride dies walking up the aisle - School glad HIV teacher named - Petrol firms scramble to join 10c price chop - Food body leads push to zap herbs, spices - Power company switch not always a quick flick - Court lifts ... More >>

NZ Herald News Monitor

Wednesday, 6 December 2000, 4:17 pm | Tom Rodwell

Cost cuts rob our police of mobiles - Manhunt after boy dies in car - Energy woes extend to people in power - School out at St Stephen's - Egg farmers face jail for hen neglect - Two heroes tell their tales - Slippery Freeman's Bay python just a ... More >>

NZ Herald News Monitor 5 / 12 / 00

Tuesday, 5 December 2000, 4:41 pm | Tom Rodwell

Medical cover soars for over 45s - Twins born, mother dies - Power bills rise despite apparent competition - Painting heads for home - Govt aims to hit employers hard for unsafe sites - Rats invade as chickens starve by the thousand - Savage dog mauls ... More >>

Interview With A Philosopher

Tuesday, 5 December 2000, 9:50 am | Tom Rodwell

Associate editor of the UK's 'Philosophy Now' magazine Bryn Williams has been in this country on perhaps the first world tour of pub philosophy. More >>

Synaesthesia: Blind Musicians See The Music

Tuesday, 5 December 2000, 9:43 am | Tom Rodwell

"This is what it's like in the blind community – get used to it!" says a smiling emcee at the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind's festival of blind musicians. People sing, bands jive, the odd lager or whisky is carefully dispatched, ... More >>

Black Day In NZ Prison History

Monday, 4 December 2000, 5:18 pm | Tom Rodwell

The 3rd of December 2000 will be remembered as one of the worst days in New Zealand's prison history, with one prisoner dying in custody, and another walking out of a private remand facility during visiting hours. More >>

NZ Herald News monitor 4 / 12 / 00

Monday, 4 December 2000, 5:16 pm | Tom Rodwell

Firms admit to market chaos on power bills - Orphaned fawn found in city - Drowned Kiwi's hands severed: mother - Private jail's first breakout - make that walkout - On shark patrol with the great white hunters - Shipley has my support: English ... More >>

Scoop Images: NZ marks World AIDS Day

Monday, 4 December 2000, 9:49 am | Tom Rodwell

Local events marking World AIDS Day Friday have been the largest and most widespread so far, and should raise twice as much money as in 1999 according to New Zealand Aids Foundation spokesman Johnathan Smith. More >>

NZ Herald news monitor 1 / 12 / 00

Friday, 1 December 2000, 3:54 pm | Tom Rodwell

$100,000 cap on lump-sum ACC payouts - Citizens want $20 minus Ma'am - Rescue drama at sea as skipper collapses - More than friends we're told - Vet defends branding of sea lions - School at scandal camp to close - Car crashes after eluding police ... More >>

New Zealand Herald

Thursday, 30 November 2000, 2:37 pm | Tom Rodwell

Taxman targets website owners - When 'Jumbo' means the small ones - Whopper meter in your pocket - Bullied schoolboy stabbed to death - Taunt of racism in business row - Perk-buster's blunder opened the cab door to free riders - Bustling undersea ... More >>

NZ Herald news monitor 29 / 11 / 00

Wednesday, 29 November 2000, 2:13 pm | Tom Rodwell

Eggs run low amid threat of rationing – Suburban high rises on hold in backlash – Quitline wards off desperate smokers – Car safety website lists soggy imports – Fears for kids spark Disney cellphone ban – Maths exam gets its ABC (and D) wrong More >>

Students To File $2.5 Million Lawsuit Tomorrow

Wednesday, 29 November 2000, 9:53 am | Tom Rodwell

42 Victoria University students and one lecturer will file a lawsuit in the High Court on Thursday against the police, the attorney general, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. More >>

NZ Herald news monitor, 28th November 2000

Tuesday, 28 November 2000, 10:51 am | Tom Rodwell

I'm the winner says Bush - Flood of flooded cars pours into port - Injured toddler fights for life as police probe beating claim - Fiji sporting ban softens for sevens - Bridgeworks eliminate fast lane to holiday getaway - Deer velvet sex properties ... More >>

Introduction Of ERA Does Not Affect Hiring Levels

Tuesday, 28 November 2000, 9:30 am | Tom Rodwell

Contradicting months of hype by lobby groups, the vast majority of businesses believe the Government's new employment legislation will have no impact on the number of people they employ, a survey released today shows. More >>