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UN Assisting 1000s Displaced By Georgia Conflict

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:38 am | VOA News

The UN World Food Programme has begun providing critical humanitarian aid to more than 2,000 people displaced by the escalating conflict in the South Ossetia region of Georgia. WFP distributed a 10-day food ration to more than 1,900 displaced people. More >>

UN Concerned By Rising Tensions In Guinea-Bissau

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:35 am | VOA News

"This situation occurs at a time when preparations for legislative elections in November are under way and progress is being made to engage the international community to help meet the country's priority peacebuilding goals," - Ban Ki-Moon. More >>

UN Estimates DRC Local Elections Before Mid 2009

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:34 am | VOA News

"In the DRC, there are major challenges in terms of resources and lack of infrastructure, but we see that there is a political will to move forward, and to organize the local elections as soon as possible," MONUC's Carlos Valenzuela said recently. More >>

UN: Business Reform Project In Viet Nam Gets Boost

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:33 am | VOA News

"Consolidated registration reform will contribute to improved transparency in the business environment, facilitate the implementation of the Enterprise Law and reduce the transaction costs and risks in executing business activities in Viet Nam." More >>

Cote d'Ivoire: UN Provides Election Equipment

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:31 am | VOA News

The equipment will be used for voter identification and registration. The mission, known as UNOCI, will also assist in the recruitment and training of identification agents, as well as the rehabilitation of some 70 identification centres. More >>

UN Monitors Deadly Flood Situation In Nth Viet Nam

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:30 am | VOA News

UN humanitarian and development officials are monitoring the situation in the mountains of northern Viet Nam, where heavy rains resulting from a recent tropical storm have killed dozens of people and caused a series of flash floods and landslides. More >>

Sudan: Shots Fired At UN-AU Helicopter In W Darfur

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:30 am | VOA News

UNAMID said that its helicopter took off from El Geneina at around noon, local time, and that the pilot heard shots being fired at the helicopter about 30 minutes after take-off, when the helicopter was over a location 90 kilometres northeast of the ... More >>

Flood-Affected Pakistani Region Receiving Food Aid

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:29 am | VOA News

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has started distributing food aid to villagers in the Pakistani district of Peshawar who are coping with the impact of last week's deadly floods, which reportedly killed over 35 people and injured many more. More >>

UNDP: Youth Plea For More Action On Climate Change

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:28 am | VOA News

"All the locals can do here is watch their homes being washed up by storm surges, rising seas and torrential rainfalls. They have no means to limit these effects which are a result of others' actions," wrote Casper Supaporo Village of the Solomon Islands. More >>

Georgia: Fighting Spreads; Diplomats Seek Peace

Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 10:21 am | VOA News

Georgia accused Russian forces of expanding their military action to the western part of the country, near a second breakaway region with close ties to Russia. Allegations of fighting in western Georgia came as the two sides traded fresh accusations. More >>

S Ossetia: Georgia Orders Its Troops To Cease-Fire

Monday, 11 August 2008, 10:42 am | VOA News

Georgia says it has ordered its troops in the breakaway region of South Ossetia to cease fire, after withdrawing its troops from South Ossetia's capital. There was no direct response from Russia to Georgia's offer to negotiate an end to fighting. More >>

Bin Laden Driver Is Guilty Of Supporting Terrorism

Thursday, 7 August 2008, 10:24 am | VOA News

A U.S. military jury at Guantanamo Bay has convicted Osama Bin Laden's former driver of providing material support to terrorism, but acquitted him on a charge of conspiracy, which alleged he was a key member of the Al-Qaida terrorist network. More >>

Congo: Large Lowland Gorilla Population Discovered

Wednesday, 6 August 2008, 9:32 pm | VOA News

More than 125,000 western lowland gorillas have been discovered deep in the forests of the Republic of Congo, at least doubling their estimated population. Scientists had believed fewer than 100,000 of the gorillas still existed. More >>

U.S. Warns Of Further Sanctions Against Iran

Tuesday, 5 August 2008, 11:07 am | VOA News

With a two-week deadline for an Iranian reply having passed over the weekend, senior diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany conferred by telephone and renewed their warning of further sanctions against Iran. More >>

Islamist Attacks Kills 16 Police In Xinjiang China

Tuesday, 5 August 2008, 10:47 am | VOA News

Terrorists have attacked border police in northwest China, killing at least 16 officers, just days before the opening of the Beijing Olympics. Chinese officials have said Islamist terrorists in Xinjiang are the biggest security threat to the Summer Games. More >>

At Least 145 Hindu Pilgrims Die In Temple Stampede

Monday, 4 August 2008, 8:55 am | VOA News

Officials say the tragedy occurred when a metal railing along a narrow mountain path leading to Naina Devi temple in Himahcal Pradesh state collapsed under the weight of tens of thousands of devotees who had come to attend a religious festival on Sunday. More >>

Russian Novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dies At 89

Monday, 4 August 2008, 12:16 am | VOA News

Nobel prize-winning Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who was forced into exile for books strongly critical of the Soviet government, has died at 89. In 1945, he was sentenced to eight years in prison camps and later exiled to Kazakhstan. More >>

U.S. Committed To Peace Despite Olmert Resignation

Thursday, 31 July 2008, 2:12 pm | VOA News

Washington says it is committed to moving forward with Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, despite the pending resignation of Israel's prime minister. The Bush administration will continue to work with all "responsible" Israeli leaders. More >>

Olmert to Quit As Israeli PM In September 2008

Thursday, 31 July 2008, 2:09 pm | VOA News

In a surprise announcement from his residence in Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert says he will step down as Israel's prime minister immediately after his Kadima Party selects a new leader at a party convention on September 17, 2008. More >>

Violence Flares In Pakistan's Swat Valley Region

Wednesday, 30 July 2008, 2:07 am | VOA News

Residents of Pakistan's Swat Valley say hundreds of pro-Taliban militants surrounded a security post and abducted at least 25 police officers on Tuesday. Earlier, militants in the region claimed they killed three intelligence agents. More >>





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